Weigh-in Wednesday – Bob Harper

The Huff Post printed this article from Bob Harper, of Biggest Loser fame, this week and I just love how it ties in with our philosophy about weight loss and the in terms of the use of the word ‘skinny’.

I know many people aren’t going to like the use of that word, but it has resonance with me and I hope as you read my blogs and understand where I am coming from you will learn to understand why I use #skinnylove as my tag.

So, in case you don’t follow me on Twitter, haven’t seen this posted in MLFC, or didn’t read it directly from the source, here ‘s Bob Harper’s view on Diet versus Exercise.

My favourite quotes are

Diet trumps exercise every time.

It is all about your diet,

When you find your passion, it makes for a good life.

Bob Harper

And from Dr Mark Kelly who also contributes to the article

Kelly agrees that diet is the main factor that can lower weight, but it’s exercise, he adds, that allows that lower weight to stick.


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