The 8 week Clean Eating Challenge [8CEC]

Starting on the first of September I am going to participate in an eight week Clean Eating Challenge.

This is the outline of the challenge so far

The Details: 

The commitment is 8 weeks of the Challenge Group accountability page on Facebook. We will have a new focus and a new challenge each week. These will build on each other and ultimately lead to a 100% clean diet. The focus will be learning how to eat clean, but with baby steps. There are rules and you will be removed from the group for non-participation. I am a tough love sort of supporter and this group is completely FREE to join so I have high expectations for the participants who will be getting my time. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!!!

You will have a daily participation requirement for the full 8 weeks. This means you will need to be able to access Facebook DAILY. I want to be very clear that because this group is completely free, you get no second chances. There will be an assignment every day that you will participate in, such as a simple question that the whole group will comment on, or a requirement to post a picture of your lunch, or listing your MyFitnessPal food log for the day.

Of course, for this level of commitment and dedication, I am going to completely spoil you with support, motivation, accountability, education and AH-MAZING prizes!!! Exclusive recipes, meal plans and shopping lists, and personal coaching just for YOU. This hands on, step-by- step, instruction will give you skills that will allow you to make permanent changes and healthy habits in your life. You WILL change your eating habits and learn more than you ever could have imagined. Below you will find what you will receive and what would be required and expected of you to join us.

What You Get:

· 8 Week Step by Step to 100% Clean Eating
· Optional Meal Plans complete with Shopping Lists and Recipes (Easily a $240 value)
· Fun Prizes like Fruit baskets, Quest bars, Cook Books and Workout Programs!
· Meal Planning Skills
· Motivation, Support and Accountability
· First Access to my Holiday Challenge Groups

Expectations of You:

· Follow the Weekly Food Challenge
· 100% Food Tracking on MyFitnessPal (app or website)
· Daily Participation/ Assignment Post
· Daily Comment/Engagement on/with Another participant’s post
· Weekly Stats (You don’t have to post them or tell anyone if you don’t want to) – This is something that will help you track your progress

Clearly it’s going to be challenging and to make a bit more work I’m going to blog my experience as I go. I can’t promise that every blog will be worth reading but I’d love for you to join me on this journey to #clean

A little disclaimer: I am going to endeavour to blog my whole experience, which means that there will 56 posts directly related to the challenge, as well as some days where I’ll be blogging my other random blogs.

I have tried to run the challenge blog posts as a sub-blog but unfortunately I’m not able to do that. I know you may not all be interested in the clean eating challenge but I hope you will stick around regardless!


2 thoughts on “The 8 week Clean Eating Challenge [8CEC]

  1. Do you think this would be too much for me to do when I haven’t really been doing much clean eating up to now? I have cut right back on dairy, stopped drinking cows milk, cut out bread and am trying to eat more veg/raw food. I would hate to start and not be ale to complete but it sounds like there would be lots of support?

    1. I honestly don’t think it will be too much. She seem’s to be wanting to make it easy to make the changes rather than hard core complete cold turkey. For me personally, I’d love to have another New Zealander doing it, so we can help each other with the food, as it’s all American, as well as being able to offer ‘local’ support.

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