Opinion: The Myth That Is Starvation Mode

First the disclaimer! I am not a doctor, dietitian, nutritionist, or have and qualifications in terms of health, fitness, nutrition. This blog is MY OPINION only. You should seek medical advice before commencing any form of weight loss regime.

Right, now down to my opinion about this so-called starvation mode.

Oh, and I’m more than happy for someone to explain why my theory is wrong but so far all the information I have read hasn’t convinced me.

So the theory behind Starvation Mode is that if we too few calories our bodies freak out and hold onto every single morsel we eat in order to survive. So here’s my thing;

1 kilo of fat is approximately 7,700 calories.
If you are are 10 kilos over weight the in theory you have 77,000 ‘spare’ calories hanging around your body that can be used to function.
If your body requires 1,500 calories a day to operate and you only consume 1,000 then according to my theory your body will deduct the extra calories from your fat bank.
This is how we lose weight.

Using this theory you would need to maintain this scenario for approximately 154 days before your body ran out of fat cash.

The theory that if we eat too few calories our body grabs all the calories from any food we do consume doesn’t make sense to me. Let’s say I need 1,500 to function at a base level, and I only eat 1,000 calories, and according to the theory as I have ‘under-eaten’ my body somehow doesn’t use any of those calories to operate but instead turns it into fat, then how do I still walk around?

Does the equation now look like this?
10 kilos over weight is 77,000 calories plus the 1,000 consumed less 1,500 to operate my body still ends up with the same answer the fat bank is down 500 calories.

Our body stores fat to use when times are lean, so when you under eat your body draws on those fat reserves in order to keep your body functioning. This is the fundamental theory behind weight loss – less calories in and more calories out creates a deficit so your body has to use it’s reserves. Why would your body shut down any of it’s functions, including metabolism, when it know’s there is plenty of cash in the fat bank, and even if it did, why would it not use incoming food as fuel first, and then hit up the fat atm for a withdrawal if it was short of the reddies? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Perhaps my theory is too simplistic?

I would love your opinion on this.

I'd love to hear your thoughts

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