Not-So-Clean to Clean | Protein Shake

On my way to getting way cleaner, especially after my Big Wow eye opener.

A great example – here is my Protein Drink ‘ before and after’.

Compare Protein Drinks


Calories 71% less
Carbs 87% less
Fat 100% more
Protein 32% less
Sugar 93% less
Calcium 63% less

Homebrand trim milk 250mls 38c
Sculpt powder $1.65

So Good Almond Milk 250mls $1.07
Clean Lean $2.53

Nutrition Panels

(per 100g – 4 serves)

Just Natural

Smooth Vanilla

Creamy Cappuccino     

Rich Chocolate

Energy 1610kJ / 385 cals 1600kj / 383 cals 1540kj / 368 cals 1570kj / 376 cals
Protein 88g 84.3g 80.0g 80.0g
Fat 1.30g 1.29g 1.64g 1.96g
-saturated 0.20g 0.19g 0.44g 0.67g
Carbohydrate 2.70g 5.90g 5.48g 6.63g
-sugar 0.00g 0.53g 0.41g 0.67g
Dietary fibre 2.30g 2.60g 3.07g 4.67g
Sodium 2.00g 2.03g 1.91g 1.88g

Normally an 100% increase in fat would be a red flag, but going from 2% to 4% is nothing to be concerned about given all of the extra benefits offered by the clean protein. I’m also not concerned about the calcium reduction, I have a very high protein diet, I aim for at least 40% of my calories to come from calcium so I balance it out with other foods.

I am using a ‘flavoured’ powder at the moment to transition to this new type of powder but will move to the ‘natural’ one for my next container. The natural has a whopping 88grams of protein!

One of the biggest changes in the above is the 93% reduction in sugar and I have 71 extra calories to spend elsewhere.


The main difference between the Sculpt and the NuZest is clearly there are no ‘fillers’ in the pea protein. Whilst the actual powder is smooth and silky, it’s not creamy once it’s made up. The first time I drank it I really missed that thicker creamy texture, the second time I made it up I added a banana and it made it wonderful and creamy as did adding chia seeds, so it’s an easy work around for me as I like a thicker smoothie.

As for taste, I have the rich chocolate powder to which I usually add ground flaxseed, cinnamon and of course the almond milk is nice but it’s somewhat a confusion of flavours and I am looking forward to moving to the ‘natural’ powder to cut one of flavours out. Especially now I know that I probably won’t drink it without adding ‘something’ to it and having a neutral base is a good idea. I’ve also been recommended to try rice milk which apparently is more neutral than the almond, so next time I’m at the supermarket (probably today) I’ll grab some if I remember!

All in all, the pea protein offers far more nutrition that sculpt, yes it’s a lot more expensive but I think it’s worth it!


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