Clean Eating Challenge – Week 2 Summary

Week 2 Summary

Loss for the month 4.3kgs (yeah baby!)

Kgs to goal 2.1 (soooo close now)

Next milestone is 70lbs lost and 95% to goal (this week?)

As for the 8 week challenge, so far it’s pretty tame. I thought it was going to be tougher than it is, however if I was starting where I was in December I might be finding it a little harder. I’m guessing that it will become a little more challenging as we go through.

So far I’m pretty happy, I think most of my results are from not drinking, and being really strict on what goes IN.

Have really been working on my macros the last few days. I think they probably need tweaking a bit, but just feeling like I have way more control.

Week 2 Day 7

Saturday and another static weigh in. Not at all concerned. Can’t believe I’m half way through my no drinking. Didn’t even think about it last night (Friday), but there is rugby on tonight and tomorrow.

Daily Challenge

TGIF! What’s your favorite cheat meal/snack? Do you have a cleaner version recipe? Mine is pizza!! I seriously LOVE me some pizza, so I’m making the bread loaf pizzas tonight from the meal plan 

The time zone difference sometimes does my head in! It’s, of course, Saturday in new Zealand and here’s my reply.

I don’t do cheat meals but my favourite snack used to be potato chips and dip.

I’m not entirely sure I am ready to give up potato chips forever, and dip is easy to make clean, but they definitely aren’t as enjoyable as they used to be. So salty. I guess I’ll have a few times where I slip and eat them, then feel unwell, and eventually they just won’t have the same memory for me.

Week 2 Day 6

Static weight today, to be expected given the losses since the beginning of the month.

Daily Challenge

Since most of us are at work for lunch, it is an area we tend to struggle in. Especially with all of the unhealthy choices coming in the office or the temptation to just grab a bite to eat at the drive through. So, I want to see your lunches today =] Post your picture as a comment or wall post.

Lunch was yoghurt, blueberries, ground flaxseed & psyllium husks. Tastes way better than it looks!

Yoghurt, blueberries, ground flaxseed & psyllium husks


Week 2 Day 5

A 200gm loss today,

Daily Challenge

Ok ladies, it’s Wednesday. The middle of my first week back at work after 4 months off, and to be quite honest, I’m in the need of some encouraging words. I’ve noticed some others feeling the same way as well. So, post below your favorite quote, passage, saying, etc. that you turn to when you need some motivational and/or encouragement.

Well, of course, it’s Thursday here, but here’s my motivational pic.

Keep Calm and become a Skinny Bitch


Week 2 Day 4

Weigh In Wednesday and it produced another great result! 400gms down which landed me smack bang on ‘normal’ BMI. Man have I been wanting that number since ‘forever’.

Stoked beyond belief to be honest.

Daily Challenge

Last week’s focus was water, this week’s focus is 5-6 small meals…. Lets add them together. At the end of the day post how much water you drank and how many times you ate. Have a great day!!

Water isn’t too much of a problem, I might be down 500mls on the odd day, but mostly meeting my 2.5 litre daily requirement.

Small too aren’t a hassle, my MFP is set up for 5 meals, and I usually just add my supper onto dinner. Supper is usually that protein just before bed. Although I have been skipping morning a bit as my smoothie just fills me up so much.

Have decided I ‘really dislike’ the Just Natural pea protein powder and so I’m going to buy another container of the rich chocolate and mix the two in my smoothies and puddings. I want to like it, but I just don’t (at the moment) and whilst I am happy to forgo lots of food I would dearly love to eat, what I do eat I need to enjoy otherwise what is the point.

Yesterday I had a meeting AT A PUB and didn’t drink anything, no free drinkies for Sonya. Tonight I have another function with free drinks, again I’m going to say NO! Hard, but necessary!

Just 2.3kgs to goal. I wonder if I can get there by the 28th?

Let’s do this!

And a bit of humour to end the day!



image source

Week 2 Day 3

Kicked off the day will another little loss of 200gms, feeling so good about how close I am go my next goal.

Daily Challenge

Monday Motivation. Post a picture, sentence, collage or whatever that keeps you motivated through tough times and Mondays. 

Of course, it’s Tuesday here and I posted my Motivation Monday post yesterday but this challenge as elicited mostly personal reasons for losing weight, such as for their kids, or husbands, etc. As a parent for me it goes without saying that pretty much everything I do is for my son. Sure I take time out for socialising, I spend money on myself, as well as him, but this weight loss is utterly and entirely about me, but in saying that what I do for myself ultimately impacts on Hartleigh anyway. Therefore whilst he indirectly benefits from this weight loss ultimately I do it for me. I do it for the satisfaction of achieving my goals, I do it to look better in my clothes, I do it to ‘not to be the fat girl’, I do it because I look and feel better, I do it for the attention, I do it for the control. I do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Menu Today

I started my new ‘Just Natural’ pea protein powder today and it’s gross 😦 It’s too plain to go from the rich chocolate to the natural in one hit so I’m going to have to buy another tub of the rich chocolate and make up some half and half but for now I will persevere. so the day started with a smoothie.

Lunch was yoghurt and berries and afternoon tea was tuna.

I had a meeting 4.30pm and there was a platter of delicious food but there were also plain mussels so I had a few of them.

Dinner was an egg, feta and tomato omelette, unfortunately it tasted like the dish-washing liquid I use and was yuck!

Supper is going to be a WW natural yoghurt with ‘something’, not sure what yet, probably some fruit.

Today was a challenge in terms of drinking, because my meeting was at a bar and I was the only person who wasn’t drinking, additionally I had a mega busy day and really just felt like a glass of wine to finish it off but the results I am seeing on the scale are too much for me to risk when I’m so close to goal!

no wine

Week 2 Day 2

Daily Challenge

No challenge today because it’s Sunday in the States, not that that should matter but oh well, Monday  here.

Weekly Focus 2

Each week’s rules are cumulative, so the “no junk” rule from Week 1 will apply until the end, as will each subsequent week’s rule.

Eat small, eat often. Eat every couple of hours while you’re awake and try not to eat anything for about three hours before you go to sleep. Following these rules will keep your blood sugar levels more static and your energy level will stay consistent. Try to keep each snack or meal balanced, something like a 30% protein, 40% carbohydrate, and 30% fat ratio. The three-hours-before-bed rule is important, especially for fats and carbohydrates. By allowing time for all the carbs you eat to get into your bloodstream, your body will sleep in fat-burning mode, rather than in calorie-storing mode. This is important because undigested carbs in your stomach at night are stored as adipose tissue (fat).

Cheat Meals:2
Weekly focus: Carbs are not the enemy. Your body needs them, just like it needs proteins and fats. The trick is to choose the right carbs. As a society, we eat too much refined sugar. Complex carbs, like whole-grain breads, whole-grain rice, sweet potatoes, and legumes are outstanding foods. Even fruits, which have simple carbohydrates wrapped in fiber, are exceptionally healthy. While you don’t want a diet based on nothing but carbs, making the right carb choices will maximize your body’s potential. Try to avoid white rice and flours. Read labels, and try to avoid ones that use the word “enriched,” because this means these products have been stripped of their natural nutrients, overprocessed, and then fortified with a few random nutrients.

Eat small, eat often is pretty much what I do, as much as I can within my daily routine. If I don’t it’s because of other commitments. As for the eating before bed thing, I’m also already doing this, although as you may know I do have protein before bed, and sometimes in bed. It works for me.

The cheat meals were also mentioned last week but I didn’t post them because I thought it was a one off. I don’t actually believe in cheat meals, especially when it comes to something like a limited time challenge where we were meant to be committed to making changes to our lifestyle so I definitely won’t be doing them. In terms of the carbs, as per my list on day one I don’t eat any of the ones Mandy has suggested to avoid, along with some of the things she does suggest such as rice and potatoes, so this weekly focus is going to be pretty easy to adhere to.

Meals today are pretty much, as per, except the nightmare Salmon! I forgot why I wasn’t eating it and didn’t add the calories until ‘after’ I had eaten all 415 of them! Ouchy. Then to top my day off I thought I’d swap out my almond milk with some rice milk for the a change, again didn’t check the calories until after and the rice milk is 3 x as much as the almond! About 100 calories over today. Bugger!

achieve your goals


I think this saying is fantastic. Going to save it onto my desktop!

Week 2 Day 1

It’s Sunday again, the first week went very quickly, but then so has this whole year. Another loss (400gms) and I can only put it down to the no alcohol. Not much else has changed really. I’m still eating pretty much what I was before I started the challenge, I’m still not doing exercise, and drinking a little more water, but not enough to account for these losses.

Daily Challenge

To do our stats. I’ve decided not to measure until I reach my goal and start working out, and as I weigh everyday, rather than the once a week Mandy recommends, my weight loss stats are recorded each time. I have always weighed every day and don’t intend to stop at this point.

Intake today is going to be pretty standard

– Protein shake with prunes, it was fine, but I think I’d rather have them in my salad where I can taste them since I love them so much

– Chia pudding

– My Full Noise Salad

For dinner I’m going to have a clean pancakes since I haven’t had them for ages.

Have been going over some of my macros and I think that’s something I need to work on. Mostly fats because of the avocados in the salad, but also sugar and today carbs as well. Whilst I am staying within my calories I either need to adjust my macros or figure out what foods keep putting me over, with the exception of the avocado as that’s a bit of a treat. Need to try and limit them to half of one per day that I have them, and not include feta cheese into to the same salad. In fact once the last 30gms or so of Feta is gone, I think I’m going to try and go cheese-free for the rest of the challenge unless I can find one that has way lower calories (oxymoron).


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