Blog Challenge 2015

At a women’s networking luncheon I attended on Wednesday, one of the participants of my last Blog Challenge asked when I was going to do another, which funnily enough I had been thinking about because they are fun, and challenging, and I miss blogging.

So I’m going to be running a Blog Challenge in March.

There will be 31 topics

Plus 5 Pass days

Plus 5 Swap topics

The 31 topics means, if you wish you can blog every day. The 5 pass days mean that if you know you’re not going to have time, or just need a day off you can choose when to do this, and the 5 swap topics are in case what I have chosen aren’t right for you. Whilst I’ve tried to choose a wide range of topics, I understand that not all of them will resonate so I thought a few additional options might be a great way to avoid writers block and keep everyone in the game.

The 31 days probably gives you a hint that it will start on the 1st of March, given this blog is being written in February. The 1st of March happens to be a Sunday so I hope while you relaxing in the sunshine, you choose to join the challenge.

be inspired blog image

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