Day Eight – The Social Network

The Social Network
Do you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where all your friends and family are?

I’m honestly not sure why I chose this topic, given my relationship with social media. My stories of how social media has affected my life hugely are many, from the tweet that turned into an event raising $9,000 for a local charity, to making new fabulous friends, and connecting with people I would never normally meet.

I do not always like social media, it can weld a mighty sword, and not always for good. It can absorb us, it can make us narcissistic and introverted. It gives us a perceived barrier to be people we’re not in real life. Nasty, judgemental, and mean. [the bad and ugly]

However, it also gives those who may have difficulties in the real world the opportunity be freer and more outgoing because of this barrier. Introverts, people with disabilities, or who live in remote locations, can connect with people without their daily difficulties. It can make us closer to each other, more caring, and willing to help. [the good]

I love social media. For me it’s like me. Full of flaws and imperfections, but always there endeavouring to make things better.


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