Ten Things I love About You

It’s Sunday evening, and the third term of the school year starts tomorrow, so I thought I would blog about the ten things I love about my son (at ten).

  1. He can dress himself (and organise his clothes, sport gear, etc.) he’s still a bit poor on having laundry in the right location
  2. He can go to the toilet by himself, and knows I should do the same
  3. He has opinions about things, especially when he cares about the subject
  4. He has a super personality, and a great sense of humour
  5. He still loves showing affection , sometimes a bit more subtle than others
  6. He’s a great bartender – pouring and delivering beverages
  7. He’s caring and thoughtful. A little too caring at times. I predict many broken hearts.
  8. I know that if something were to happen to me, such as an accident, that he would be able to contact someone to help us
  9. Whilst still introverted, he is learning to manage situations that are unfamiliar or trying
  10. Lastly, I love that he’s my son. #teamcole

Hartleigh Spiderman 10

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