Sugar Free October

downloadSo there has been a lot of noise recently about how bad sugar is for us, it’s toxic, more addictive than cocaine, etc. etc. and there may well be some credible science behind that but for most of us it means nothing unless it impacts us personally. For me it was photos of myself in the weekend looking far from the svelte size 10 I was two years ago. So having procrastinated about my weightloss for nearly the whole year once again I’m on the band wagon and to kick things off, and keep it interesting, because let’s face it dieting is farken boring, I’ve decided to go sugar free for the month of October, and possibly beyond!

Reading up on this over the past few days, there are people who have struggled a lot and others who breeze through. I’m hoping I’m the latter. I don’t eat a lot of ‘direct’ sugar, e.g. I put sugar in my coffee, but I don’t eat lollies, and infrequently have chocolate, I do however drink a lot of alcohol and we know that has lots negatives for anyone trying to lose weight. So yes, I am also giving up alcohol (with the exception of the races on the 10th, and possibly the 22nd when we launch our new project). So with those big things out of the way it’s going to be a matter of trying to keep the indirect sugar out the things I eat. There is hidden sugar in a lot of innocent looking food!

So today it’s clean, clean, clean!

Fingers crossed for an easy month, a decent loss, and all the benefits that no sugar apparently offers!

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