Deck The Rooms 2015

Today was the the 2015 Deck The Rooms event, unfortunately the Cervidae Castle didn’t make the cut, and thankfully given the carpark is full of Tattoo Festival attendees, what a nightmare that would have been!

Anyway enough about ‘what could have been’ and on with what was. Today there were 9 houses on the tour with one in Bell Block, a couple in the Fitzroy/Strandon area, one in Westown, a CBD regular, and the balance in the ‘golden triangle’.

Of the 9 I have three stand outs all for different reasons.

Best Theme
City ife Church – their theme was “Come dine with us at CityLife”
Those chose a brown paper and copper theme and it held true though all of their displays from the minute you walk through the doors everything was beautifully coordinated, and their ‘dining room’ set with three different tables were just gorgeous.

Most Authentic
This hands down went to the property in Roto Street. The brief describes the owner as Mrs Christmas and it was reflected throughout the house. 45 years of Christmas themeing, means this property really celebrates Christmas with every single room decorated with love.

Most Disappointing
I know Christmas means different things to different people, however an event called ‘Deck The Rooms’ indicates to me that the house will be decorated in their interpretation of Christmas, but I’d have to say one Christmas tree in the whole house was not really decking the rooms, and the people watching you in every room was just creepy!


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