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I figure since she brought me into this world my first CD Story should go to my mum.

She popped in for a visit last Sunday, and was duly told to find a CD to contribute to the mission. She methodically looked through all the CDs, and put a few aside, but I knew she’d decided on one when she commented that it saved her life when she lived in Kununurra (Western Australia). Not literally obviously, but we all have that one album that gets us through a tough time, and Company Of Strangers is the one for my mum.

Company of Strangers are an Australian supergroup consisting of;
Simon Hussey
Jef Scott
James Rayne
Daryl Braithwaite
with a few friends – Peter Mitchell, David Reyne, and David Hussey

She was pleasantly surprised that I had the album, and it’s one a really like a lot.

This CD message is special for lots of reasons, not the least of which is that my mum wrote her message using song names, and then signed it off using her pet name for me “Petal”.

File 29-10-17, 6 07 20 PM

Her message

‘Aint no Angels’ in ‘Old Braodway’ my ‘Sweet Love’ but ‘Baby You’re a Rich Man’ who is ‘Lost in the Rhythm of Love’
Rock on Petal Love Mumma

I haven’t listened to this album for a long long time, so I’m very much looking forward to reacquainting myself with it.

Thanks Mumma, I love you too xox

CoS album on spotify
CoS on Facebook

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