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For any of who don’t know me, you may find it odd that I’m about it blog about my ex-husband, but there ya go, I am.

Steve and I have known each other for nearly two decades, and we have one beautiful son. We were married briefly, but have remained solid friends before, during, and after. It’s a rather unconventional situation but it works for us and our family so that’s all that matters.

Steve chose the New Zealand indie band Steriogram and their album Schmack as his CD. He wrote the following;

The last time I heard this ‘classic’ Kiwi album, I was sailing around in the ocean, far from home. Tell you what you really appreciate the small things in this world, this album brought a smile to my face, and did again: Thanks for sharing *Steve*

To add some back story, Steve was in the Navy for 24 years, so sailing around the ocean was what he did a lot of. Reminders of home meant a lot, and listening to a good New Zealand band would have helped with the home sickness, and killing time.

For me, this album reminds me of weekends at Ohakune, where some of my friends would ski and some of us would keep the seats warm at the Powderkeg. It’s got plenty of great ‘dancing in the car’ songs, and, of course, I love White Trash, but I think Road Trip is actually my favourite song on the album.

Some of you may recognise Walkie Talkie Man as this song was used by Apple to advertise iPod.

If you haven’t listened to this album, you should, if you have listened to it but not ‘for ages’, now’s the time!

Great choice Steve, schmack!

File 5-11-17, 6 11 20 PM.jpeg

Album on spotify
Steriogram on Facebook

These two videos are well worth a watch even if you don’t like the music Walkie Talkie Man and White Trash.

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