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Picked out of the magical bag by Mr Scribblz was the CD message from one Craig Roper. You’ll see from his message he’s a man of many words. That being said, sometimes less is more.

Merry Christmas from Craig

is merely a hint of the Christmas cheer Craig delivers. Last year I was the lucky recipient of 100s of metres of fairly lights which decorated the tree on which these CDs will be hung, he also strung those little blobs of joy on the porch of the house and inside in the high traffic areas. The house sparkled! He truly is the king of Christmas lighting.

He chose an Elvis remake/remix of A Little Less Conversation – Elvis vs JXL from 2002, which featured in Ocean’s Eleven. I am definitely influenced by music in TV and movies.

Having always been an Elvis fan, I do like a modern take on a song older than me!

File 6-11-17, 5 12 18 PM

Anyone else note the irony of the song title and the brevity of the message.

Merry Christmas to you too Craig.

Song on YouTube


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