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This CD was plucked out of the magic black bag, which holds all the CDs that are waiting their blogs, by Kymon Hill, who will feature in his own blog in the not too distant future, and mentions a weekend which will be referenced many times in upcoming blogs due to the large number of visitors I have had over these three days – some here for the races, some here for the Tattoo Festival, and some who just happened upon the unplanned party on my lawn.

The CD picked out is The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac, and I’m so happy that Jodie found this album in the basket. As her message attests, it features her mum’s favourite song, Songbird, this song was played at her funeral and is really such a special song full of memories for Jodie, and my love of Fleetwood Mac is well documented, so anyone choosing one of their albums always makes me happy.

File 26-11-17, 12 17 22 PM.jpeg

I’ve known Jodie for several years now, she’s a regular poster on Facebook, and Snapchat, and is full of life. Ready with a warm greeting whenever we bump into each other, Jodie is hard working, down to earth, makes hilarious Snapchat posts, has a love of skulls, and is one very cool chick!

Her message

Sonya ❤

Thank you for your awesome hospitality Tattoo Festival 2017. This CD is all about my mum, Songbird was her fave song.

Merry Xmas my friend

Jodie xx

Merry Christmas to you too Jodie, thanks for bringing your beautiful vibe to my spontaneous lawn party xx

Link to ‘the Mac‘ on Facebook
Link to the album on Spotify


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