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Can’t Get Enough, Can’t Get Enough, No
Can’t Get Enough, Can’t Get Enough, No

Is an iconic chant in New Zealand from super group Supergroove.

This album was chosen by someone whom I’ve only met twice, once in March (2017) when she was in New Plymouth for WOMAD, and this weekend (Nov 2017) when she was here for the Tattoo Festival.

Jinnee (Janine) chose the Supergroove album Postage, which is a ‘best of’ from the group, released in 2003. I love this album because it features not only the above iconic song but many a New Zealand anthem of the time.

With a predominantly white label, the double CD lends itself to plenty of scope for artistic expression so Jinnee decorated the label side with Mandela’s then wrote her message on the burn side.

She wrote in a circle

You’re the hostess with the mostess and a really cool tweep. I’m so pleased we met, the internet can be a pretty neat place with people like you! Here’s to many more New Plymouth adventures, body rolls down the bank and we will always have WOMAD.

Love and kisses @jinnee79 and NINE hearts

I love the Mandela’s (one on each of the albums), and the message Jinnee wrote, many a special friendship has been born from a connection on the internet.

The album is also special, and it’s connection to my youth strong and true.

Thanks for coming to stay this weekend Jinnee, and helping me keep my sanity amidst the Tattoo Fest insanity!

File 28-11-17, 8 40 17 PM.jpeg

Supergroove on Facebook
Album on Spotify

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