CD Stories | Laura

I’ve only met Laura once, when she visited during the Tattoo Festival, she is a friend of Brooke Taylor. I thought she was fun and quite entertaining.

While I sat up at the castle those crazy gals got tattoos. Laura got a mandala on her knee! It looked amazing.

She chose Now 18, which came out in 2005, and is probably towards the end of my CD buying era. I don’t actually recall which song I bought it for, but most likely one of 13 (Crazy Frog), 14 (Gorillaz), or possibly 15 (Fast Crew), but it was most definitely NOT for 17 (can’t even type their name).

Laura has written a slightly cryptic message

Now the CD’s don’t have to be lonely! Laura

I’ll leave you to figure that out!

File 4-12-17, 4 07 18 PM

See you next Tattoo Fest!

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