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In Through The Outdoor by my favourite band ever, Led Zeppelin, was chosen by Wazza.

Wayne, or as he is better known, Wazza, has been a friend for around a decade. I originally met him when going to music trivia at Peggy Gordon’s, and then he managed the Basement Bar, and now he’s a proud owner of Treehouse Bar & Bistro.

Wazza is also the ‘go to’ guy for bands at the Tattoo Fest. He makes sure they’re all looked after. He’s a good guy and despite handing out a bit of shit, also takes it all in good humour.

I love that he chose this album as I’ve been waiting for at least one of my LZ CDs to be selected. I really truly don’t think I can pick a favourite song off this album, not the least because there are only seven songs on it, and they are so diverse, but also because I’ve been listening to it for decades and decades, and each song has a special meaning to me.

I think if you really pushed me to make a decision I would choose Hot Dog, it’s 3.17 minutes of Ragtime meets Country meets Rockabilly. It’s a lot of fun, with a hoe-down feeling. All Of My Love would be a VERY close second, for almost all of the opposite reasons!

So on to the message Waz wrote on the CD

Dear Sonia (yes he spelt my name wrong!)

“Get off my Lawn!”

❤ Love Waz

This is in response to my really not liking a bunch of strangers invading my lawn during the Tattoo Festival each year, especially those who ignore the ‘private property’ sign and settle in for a drinking session, wander around, and even very kindly ‘water’ the garden.

This year, I really had no choice but to just go with the fact that I was going to be descended upon by randoms, that there would be no such thing as privacy, and my protestations were going to be ignored.

Thanks for choosing such an awesome CD Wazza, now get the fuck off my lawn! 😉

In Through The Out Door on Spotify

File 6-12-17, 6 09 38 PM.jpeg

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