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Day two of the New Year, and what a great CD to pluck from the slightly bulging black bag, following a bunch of new CDs added on Christmas Day and especially since I’ll be seeing this artist live in Taupo in just over 3 weeks.

Michelle (Mitch) Taylor is the person who chose the iconic jagged little pill album by Alanis Morissette. The songs on this CD definitely takes people (of a certain age) back to a specific time in their life, and due to the angst of many of the lyrics, seems to also align with a time of a broken heart.

Released in 1995, when I was 25, I don’t recall having a broken heart specifically at this time, however I’m sure the lyrics dredged up a lot of memories, and I loved the songs enough to see Alanis play live in “the supertop” at Mt Smart Stadium in the late 90’s.

Michelle is now in her last couple of days as a Taranaki resident, before she heads to Wellington on a new life adventure. I know she’s going to have an amazing time in the capital.

Michelle’s message is;

So many memories, so much love right here right now!!

I’m going to miss you bitches so much!!!

See you @ Taupo and WOMAD

Madlove Mitch

Luckily for us bitches we get one more night of fun and frivolity as Michelle (and her sister, Jo, who already lives in Wellington), along with Bridget and Sarah D, are staying at mine for the night of the Bryan Adams concert. Another opportunity to make memories!

What Mitch doesn’t know is how many more times I’ll be visiting Wellington once she’s moved there! 😉

Michelle, thanks for being such a fun and fabulous person, you always bring such a positive vibe. All the best for your new adventure in Wellington, they will love you as much as we do!


Alanis on Facebook

jagged little pill on Spotify – My favourite song on the album is Not The Doctor, followed closely by Forgiven.

Really looking forward to seeing Alanis on the 27th of this month, having a good old singalong, and seeing Mitchy too xox

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