W2 B2 | The Last McAdam

Week Two | Book Two

The Last McAdam by Holly Ford

“Passed down through the same family for over a century, the remote sheep and cattle station of Broken Creek has recently been taken over by global agribusiness company Carnarvon Holdings. Now Carnarvon hes sent its best troubleshooting manager, Tess Drummond, to turn the property’s failing fortunes around – fast.”

I read this book in an afternoon, which says something about the snappy pace of the book, the font size, and the fact that it was an easy read.

It could easily have been longer and I wouldn’t have minded. I liked the setting – a high country farm, there were lots of farming references, but not enough to make you feeling like you were reading a journal – the story line was believable, and the characters realistic. The author is a New Zealander, and has written three other books. I’m keen to read those now too.

If you want an easy read with a local feel, I recommend this book, especially if you’re from rural New Zealand.


the last mcadam


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