Fake A Smile

I’ve had a bit of a week. I’ll put it down to the ‘let down’ you feel after planning a bit event, there’s a void after having so much to do to nothing, and daylight saving which always messes with me. Anyway I found this quote on Pinterest and thought it was apt. I just gotta take a deep breath, put my big girl panties on, and carry on. IMG_4015.JPG

Motivation Monday – Make The Effort

The new term kicks off today, and one of my key goals for each term is to maintain the weekly order to ensure smooth running, stress-free mornings. One of the main ways I do this is making Sunday the ‘get organised’ day. This includes making the main parts of Hartleigh’s lunches (we use ice cream containers set out on a sideboard in the kitchen). The intention is that each morning (or the night before if we’re really organised & the lunchbox is clean) the items from the container are transferred into the lunchbox, along with items such a yoghurt, freshly cut kiwifruit, or the odd sandwich. It works well for us.

I also like to have all of the clothes washed, ironed, and put away/hung up. For me it means I have my entire wardrobe to choose what to wear rather than not being able to wear something because ‘It’s in the wash’, for Hartleigh it means we can set out a week’s worth of clothes on the spare sofa and each morning he can choose out of the piles what he wants to wear. There’s no drama about not wanting to wear something because he chooses what goes in the piles. When we don’t have the clothes set out he tends to get out of the shower and stand freezing while I grab stuff for him, which a) is not ideal for him and b) annoying for me.

This term I  have also created a chart for him with all his jobs to do. The idea behind this is that he can check it to see what is left to do before he asks to go on the computer, but also for me it’s not the rather monotonous questions about what he has to do. Some morning’s he’s fantastic and gets them all done quickly and quietly and other mornings it’s like amnesia has struck and he’s never got ready for school in his life lol.

As I mentioned above, being this organised is a ‘goal’ because it doesn’t always happen. Some mornings we’re doing lunches from scratch (or buying stuff on the way to school!), or the top he wants to wear on Friday is the one he wore on Monday and it’s in the wash.

I also like to have all the dishes done and a clean and clear bench when we leave in the morning, along with made beds, things where they are meant to be (no toys in the lounge), etc so when I get home it’s to a tidy house which makes me feel good.

Being this organised takes effort and that’s what this Motivation Monday blog is about. Make The Effort and you reap the rewards. Walking through the house and it’s clean and tidy is such a good feeling. Dishes on the bench or an unmade bed is just depressing. It makes me feel tired and yet doing these small things makes all the difference and the effort is minimal.

For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward

Monday Motivation – Dale Carnegie

A journey of self improvement, no matter what road you take, can often seem so daunting when you are at the start taking those first few tentative steps. Often the journey will take you through paths less travelled, some that you have deliberately let become overgrown and disused. The bracken can tear at you but if you keep hacking at it, it will yield, and as each thorny branch falls you are gaining strength and power, and moving closer and closer to your final goal.

Don’t give up, you are stronger than the things that attempt to stop you!


Dont Be Afraid