Motivation Monday – Let’s Do What We Love

As many of you will know, I LOVE my job. Whilst it’s not the first, or only job I’ve loved, it’s certainly ticking a whole lotta boxes in my life right now, and I can’t see any reason that would change.

I was recently asked if I have holiday’s, and my reply was, no. Partly because work is really busy during the time I would most like to holiday (summer), and partly because when you love what you do, you don’t need a holiday. That’s not saying that I don’t long for and appreciate the days I have off during that very busy season, especially the completely-introverted, no-human-contact days. However, I thrive on being busy, helping racegoers have the most enjoyable day at the races that they can, and fulfilling my role to the very best of my ability.

How can you not love organising parties, entertainment, and events where the ultimate aim is for everyone to have a great time!

Lets Do What We Love

Fashionista Friday – Royal Ascot 2014

It’s Royal Ascot time again and that means tradition, pagentry, and over the top hats. Oh sure, there are also horses racing, and don’t get me wrong I love the ‘racing’ aspect of Ascot, but the fashion demands just as much attention, if not more, than the horses!

Here are some my picks from this year’s event. There are plenty more online and very hard to choose just a few.

Royal Ascot 2014


You’ll see that I’ve actually chosen a pant suit as my feature outfit. If you dissect all the pieces there are so many ‘wrongs’ and get together the whole outfit works, even the rather odd headwear.

Of course I had to add my favourite quirky hat and I love the moss and horse, esepcially teamed with the horse neckalce.

The asymetric hat with the negative detail is so simple and yet very effective.

The red and white outfit just cute, lots of personality without being outrageously attention seeking.

The cream dress is again an example of simple and elegant and whole ensemble just works beautifully.

The style of the black hat is my current favourite, with an angled hat and flower detailing under the brim.

Finally, it’s not Royal Ascot, with a royal, and although I’m no fan of Camilla I simply love her hat! Well her outfit really, beautifuly tailored (of course), and the hat is stylish with a bit of fun.


image source

image source

Fashionista Friday – Fashions On The Field at Pukekura Raceway

At last! Fashions On The Field at Pukekura Raceway, and this year – no sprained foot! Bonus.

This year was the first year of me organising our event and I was lucky enough to have an ex super model and actress attend as our emcee.

polaroid kylie sonya


That’s me hanging with a super model #asyoudo

Anyway, enough attention whoring from me for now, on with the Fashion!

Kudos sml


This dapper couple won our Sartorial Set.



Suave and sophisticated. Winner of Men’s Racewear.



Can you guess? Best Headwear!



And… Under 25s! (Didn’t realise I had my sunnies on – can someone tell me next time!)



The three placegetters in our Ladies Racewear. Don’t they look fabulous!

More pictures are on the Pukekura Raceway Facebook page. #blatantplug

I was so inspired and heartened by the calibre of the contestants. I can see this event just gaining in popularity and credibility every year.