CD Stories | Laura

I’ve only met Laura once, when she visited during the Tattoo Festival, she is a friend of Brooke Taylor. I thought she was fun and quite entertaining.

While I sat up at the castle those crazy gals got tattoos. Laura got a mandala on her knee! It looked amazing.

She chose Now 18, which came out in 2005, and is probably towards the end of my CD buying era. I don’t actually recall which song I bought it for, but most likely one of 13 (Crazy Frog), 14 (Gorillaz), or possibly 15 (Fast Crew), but it was most definitely NOT for 17 (can’t even type their name).

Laura has written a slightly cryptic message

Now the CD’s don’t have to be lonely! Laura

I’ll leave you to figure that out!

File 4-12-17, 4 07 18 PM

See you next Tattoo Fest!

CD Stories | Jinnee

Can’t Get Enough, Can’t Get Enough, No
Can’t Get Enough, Can’t Get Enough, No

Is an iconic chant in New Zealand from super group Supergroove.

This album was chosen by someone whom I’ve only met twice, once in March (2017) when she was in New Plymouth for WOMAD, and this weekend (Nov 2017) when she was here for the Tattoo Festival.

Jinnee (Janine) chose the Supergroove album Postage, which is a ‘best of’ from the group, released in 2003. I love this album because it features not only the above iconic song but many a New Zealand anthem of the time.

With a predominantly white label, the double CD lends itself to plenty of scope for artistic expression so Jinnee decorated the label side with Mandela’s then wrote her message on the burn side.

She wrote in a circle

You’re the hostess with the mostess and a really cool tweep. I’m so pleased we met, the internet can be a pretty neat place with people like you! Here’s to many more New Plymouth adventures, body rolls down the bank and we will always have WOMAD.

Love and kisses @jinnee79 and NINE hearts

I love the Mandela’s (one on each of the albums), and the message Jinnee wrote, many a special friendship has been born from a connection on the internet.

The album is also special, and it’s connection to my youth strong and true.

Thanks for coming to stay this weekend Jinnee, and helping me keep my sanity amidst the Tattoo Fest insanity!

File 28-11-17, 8 40 17 PM.jpeg

Supergroove on Facebook
Album on Spotify

CD Stories | Jodie

This CD was plucked out of the magic black bag, which holds all the CDs that are waiting their blogs, by Kymon Hill, who will feature in his own blog in the not too distant future, and mentions a weekend which will be referenced many times in upcoming blogs due to the large number of visitors I have had over these three days – some here for the races, some here for the Tattoo Festival, and some who just happened upon the unplanned party on my lawn.

The CD picked out is The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac, and I’m so happy that Jodie found this album in the basket. As her message attests, it features her mum’s favourite song, Songbird, this song was played at her funeral and is really such a special song full of memories for Jodie, and my love of Fleetwood Mac is well documented, so anyone choosing one of their albums always makes me happy.

File 26-11-17, 12 17 22 PM.jpeg

I’ve known Jodie for several years now, she’s a regular poster on Facebook, and Snapchat, and is full of life. Ready with a warm greeting whenever we bump into each other, Jodie is hard working, down to earth, makes hilarious Snapchat posts, has a love of skulls, and is one very cool chick!

Her message

Sonya ❤

Thank you for your awesome hospitality Tattoo Festival 2017. This CD is all about my mum, Songbird was her fave song.

Merry Xmas my friend

Jodie xx

Merry Christmas to you too Jodie, thanks for bringing your beautiful vibe to my spontaneous lawn party xx

Link to ‘the Mac‘ on Facebook
Link to the album on Spotify


CD Stories | Mandy

The next CD Story is about my sister, Mandy, she’s my only sibling. We are very different in many ways, and yet have equally as many things in common.

As my older sister she has had a lot of influence on my life in a positive way (usually), and we’ve shared many musical experiences.

Mandy knew which CD she wanted before she started looking, and as seems to be the way with things like this, it was the third CD she put her hands on.

She choose Meatloaf, Bat Out Of Hell. A iconic album, that takes you on a fantastic musical journey. I’m a big fan of Meatloaf and Jim Steinman and their collaborations of extended length, theatrical songs.

I know for certain this album was played many, many times when Mandy and I would drive back to New Plymouth for weekends with friends after moving to Auckland in 1984.

Whilst Bat Out Of Hell is an epic song, I think Heaven Can Wait is my favourite song off the album.

Being the very pragmatic person she is, who is not about the warm fuzzies, she wrote

Have A Meaty Xmas


I love you too Mandy!

File 22-11-17, 8 40 22 PM.jpeg

Meatloaf on Facebook
The album on Spotify

CD Stories | Hartleigh

Mr Scribblz is still on CD drawing duties, and picked out his own CD this time. I’m so excited to write this blog!

Mr Scribblz is the moniker the fabulous, funny, and my favourite person in the whole world, Hartleigh Cole, has chosen for his digital footprint. He’s my one and only child, has a quirky sense of humour, is smart, caring, and is the love of my life. ❤

Hartleigh has chosen the Bryan Adams CD, So Far So Good. He chose it because of the cover, which is a tyre, and it reminded him of our old RAV4, we both loved that car and had a lot of fun in it, and because of Summer of ’69, see below for that connection.

This is not our car, but is the same model. Our RAV was red.

Hartleigh has chosen to write several comments/phrases for his CD Story;

A La Boo

School of 69

Our Rav4

Merry Disc-mas

By Harts A.K.A Mr Scribblz

I’ve explained above about Mr Scribblz and the Rav4 reference.

He wrote School of 69 as a nod to the song Summer of 69, which he sang at a school concert whilst at Primary School – hence school replacing summer.

Merry Disc-mas if pretty self-explanatory when you have a parent who loves Christmas.

The last message, A La Boo, is from when he was much younger, and was learning to talk. I would say I Love You, and we would say A La Boo. It’s stuck with us and is now part of our family language, those words that only members of your family know and understand.

File 11-11-17, 12 12 59 PM

I’m off to see Bryan Adams at ‘the Bowl’ on the 4th of January, it shall be that much more special now. It will be the second time I’ve seen Bryan live, the first was around three decades ago at Western Springs, when I would have been rocking the double denim 😉

This specific album isn’t on spotify so I’ve linked to a Greatest Hits album
Bryan on Facebook

If the universe would like to deliver me some funds via a Lotto win, I’d be out replacing our current car before you could finish saying $30 million dollars! 😉


CD Stories | Craig

Picked out of the magical bag by Mr Scribblz was the CD message from one Craig Roper. You’ll see from his message he’s a man of many words. That being said, sometimes less is more.

Merry Christmas from Craig

is merely a hint of the Christmas cheer Craig delivers. Last year I was the lucky recipient of 100s of metres of fairly lights which decorated the tree on which these CDs will be hung, he also strung those little blobs of joy on the porch of the house and inside in the high traffic areas. The house sparkled! He truly is the king of Christmas lighting.

He chose an Elvis remake/remix of A Little Less Conversation – Elvis vs JXL from 2002, which featured in Ocean’s Eleven. I am definitely influenced by music in TV and movies.

Having always been an Elvis fan, I do like a modern take on a song older than me!

File 6-11-17, 5 12 18 PM

Anyone else note the irony of the song title and the brevity of the message.

Merry Christmas to you too Craig.

Song on YouTube


CD Stories | Steve

For any of who don’t know me, you may find it odd that I’m about it blog about my ex-husband, but there ya go, I am.

Steve and I have known each other for nearly two decades, and we have one beautiful son. We were married briefly, but have remained solid friends before, during, and after. It’s a rather unconventional situation but it works for us and our family so that’s all that matters.

Steve chose the New Zealand indie band Steriogram and their album Schmack as his CD. He wrote the following;

The last time I heard this ‘classic’ Kiwi album, I was sailing around in the ocean, far from home. Tell you what you really appreciate the small things in this world, this album brought a smile to my face, and did again: Thanks for sharing *Steve*

To add some back story, Steve was in the Navy for 24 years, so sailing around the ocean was what he did a lot of. Reminders of home meant a lot, and listening to a good New Zealand band would have helped with the home sickness, and killing time.

For me, this album reminds me of weekends at Ohakune, where some of my friends would ski and some of us would keep the seats warm at the Powderkeg. It’s got plenty of great ‘dancing in the car’ songs, and, of course, I love White Trash, but I think Road Trip is actually my favourite song on the album.

Some of you may recognise Walkie Talkie Man as this song was used by Apple to advertise iPod.

If you haven’t listened to this album, you should, if you have listened to it but not ‘for ages’, now’s the time!

Great choice Steve, schmack!

File 5-11-17, 6 11 20 PM.jpeg

Album on spotify
Steriogram on Facebook

These two videos are well worth a watch even if you don’t like the music Walkie Talkie Man and White Trash.