Blog Challenge 2015

At a women’s networking luncheon I attended on Wednesday, one of the participants of my last Blog Challenge asked when I was going to do another, which funnily enough I had been thinking about because they are fun, and challenging, and I miss blogging.

So I’m going to be running a Blog Challenge in March.

There will be 31 topics

Plus 5 Pass days

Plus 5 Swap topics

The 31 topics means, if you wish you can blog every day. The 5 pass days mean that if you know you’re not going to have time, or just need a day off you can choose when to do this, and the 5 swap topics are in case what I have chosen aren’t right for you. Whilst I’ve tried to choose a wide range of topics, I understand that not all of them will resonate so I thought a few additional options might be a great way to avoid writers block and keep everyone in the game.

The 31 days probably gives you a hint that it will start on the 1st of March, given this blog is being written in February. The 1st of March happens to be a Sunday so I hope while you relaxing in the sunshine, you choose to join the challenge.

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Day 30 – Thoughts

Share Your Thoughts On Your 30 Day Challenge

This is probably a bit of a silly blog for me since I was one of the two people who created the challenge! However, I have to say that despite the fact that I knew all of the topics before hand, I did find some a big challenging and almost confronting. For me a challenge is meant to push you a little out of your comfort zone, poke and prod you a bit and make you delve a little bit into yourself so in that respect this 30 day blog challenge has done that.

I have much respect for all of the participants, especially those who have generously shared their blogs on the Cue Social Media Facebook page. Special mention must go to Rachel Franke Church for keeping her topics true to her establishment (Hosking House), which at times must have proven a little more difficult than writing as an individual.

I’ve enjoyed the journey and despite having to do a bit of a catch up at the end would be keen to do another.

That being said I am looking forward to getting back to some of the usual topics and a few new ones as well. Additionally I’m super excited to be kicking off the clean eating section of my blog called Skinny Love on the 1st of June.

Thank you everyone who has participating, commented, or liked along the way, especially when some of the topics were late!

Sonya ❤



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Day 29 – Trading Places

Who would you trade places with for just one day?

Boy this is a goodie! Sooooo many people I would trade places with for so many reasons! A celebrity to experience the adulation, and then the relief to be able to go back to my normal life, a child so I could have a day where I wasn’t burdened with the adult responsibilities, a politician so I could right some wrongs, but ultimately I think I’d trade places with my younger self with the hindsight of my 43 year old self so I could tell myself not to take everything so seriously, say yes to new experiences, not to eat so much crap!, to be more sensible with money, and to not fall in love so easily!