A Summer of Sun, Fun, oh and Love!

Summer usually means a series of events – my birthday, Christmas, a day at the races, and a concert and then pretty much back to work without really feeling like I’ve had a break or enjoyed the beautiful weather, but this summer was not my usual summer!.

December started as it usually does, with me kicking the Christmas decorating, crafting, and preparations into full swing and I snuck my birthday in fairly low key with a picnic dinner at the beach with my son and my mum. 43 is a fairly blah birthday moving me further away from 40 and closer to gulp 45! One resolution I made this birthday was to let shit go. No use stressing over crap you can’t control. Actually managing this pretty well so far although I know I’m always going to care too much what people think about me.

Christmas was a lovely day spoiling Mr 7, having a Christmas breakfast with lifelong friend Shelley and her son, then Christmas lunch with my niece and her now rather large family, and then on to the traditional dinner at aunty Pam’s. Was a great day.

Usually by the start of December I also have my marquee booked and filled for the races on the 27th but this year I hadn’t organised it, and as it turns out that was meant to be because about a week before Christmas I started a new role at Taranaki Thoroughbred Racing as the Events, Marketing & Sponsorship Co-Ordinator meaning that now I attend the races as my job! I would have been bummed if my friends were all there celebrating and I couldn’t.

The other thing I usually do over the Christmas break is go to a concert, often at Butlers Reef to see The Feelers or Jimmy Barnes, although sometimes at The Bowl if we have great band there like Fleetwood Mac. This year because some things have been a bit mixed up I wasn’t paying attention to who was playing out there and missed going to see Shihad. Really hoping to get to see a band out there at some stage, it’s always a great night out.

One of the biggest changes over the summer has been my hours, my new role is super flexible so I can work when I want, where I want, and this has allowed me plenty of time to enjoy the first of the items in my title – Sun. Taranaki, along with much of the country, has enjoyed some of the best weather we’ve had during a summer for literally years and it’s been fantastic to be able to hang out outside in the beautiful sunshine. I’ve even managed to get a tan! #loveit

Fun is the next thing on my summer summary. A combination of flexible hours, hot hot weather, and probably a bit too much beer has resulted in a summer of fun. I haven’t laughed so much in years, I’ve been on all sorts of adventures, and I’ve just totally done plenty of things that the ‘anal retentive’ Sonya wouldn’t have done. Caring less does open you up to new experiences!

Last but certainly not least is Love. I’ve loved spending hours out on the deck in the sun drinking a new love Export 33 beer, I’ve loved spending time with friends, I’ve loved hanging out with Mr 7 who at this age is just such a cool kid, I’ve fallen back in love with country music helped in part by Tate Stevens winning X Factor. I hope my neighbours love it as much as me as it’s often played loud during those drinks-on-the-deck sessions. I’ve loved having time to work when and how I want to. I’ve loved being back in control of my diet and losing weight. I’ve loved the new experiences this summer has presented. And I’ve fallen in love with this guy…

Well actually probably not so much him as this song, which is kind of my theme song for summer! I hope you have had an amazing summer doing all the things that make you happy like I have!

Advent Calendar 2012 | Day 5

Day five turned up the $2 to spend card, so after school we headed off to the $2 Shop to see what we could find.

Of course, Hart wanted something that was about 4 times the budget but I made him keep looking and he finally decided on a sword – it was actually $2.50 but I don’t mind the extra cost because actually the sword is kinda cool and even has a scabbard.

It just so happens to be really misty today and with the very long grass up on the green it’s quite the Knights of the Round Table setting – except the 21st century clothes, but you get the idea!

Day five

Hartleigh’s Christmas Bedroom

This year my son, Hartleigh, decided he wanted his Christmas tree in his bedroom – when he was one or two I got him his own tree so I could do a theme for him and his presents. I actually have three trees altogether, one for my son, one white one, and a big green one – so I decided I would do a surprise room make over for him in his new Christmas theme.

Here are the before photos – as you can see the room was ‘messy and cluttered’ so some of the toys and things are packed away for a couple of months to make room for all the new things (the cup of tea was mine and freshly made btw lol). When they get back out the teddy’s might need to find a better home, because they don’t all fit on the side table – the fish tank has also already been removed off the dresser.


The photos below are the ‘after’ pics. I added a few more touches and the room is now finished. His presents will be on the dresser (I’ll post pics), and he has a Lego advent calendar that will be a surprise gift on the 1st of December.

I wasn’t sure of the theme initially and then found a wreath hanger with a silver star on it and decided to use the star and silver as the theme, then I saw the pack of baubles with the pretty blue and the whole thing was set. It also helps that I think my son is a little star (might be biased).

So down the nitty gritty, how much did it all cost?? As I mentioned above I’ve had the tree for at least 5 years and from memory it was $100 which averages out to $20 a year so far (a great investment). The bauble pack which included the tinsel around the tree was $12 from The Warehouse and that’s not the whole pack! (Definitely a great buy). The star light was $20, and the stars below (which are blue tacked onto the wall) were $5, the star tree topper was $2, and the tinsel on the headboard was $8. Everything else was either already in the room or is from my existing Christmas stuff.

Hartleigh loves his room, he was so excited to see it all finished.

First Day Of Spring

First day of spring brings with it so much promise. Warmer weather, closer to summer, longer days, and Christmas just around the corner.

I haven’t been keeping up with my intended crafting, but need to make sure I stay on track to ensure that everything is done before Christmas.

I’m also keen to post some more Snapguides, including a fabulous new cleaner, and some glass decorations.

I’m also keen to kick up the weightloss and add some exercise into my routine. I still haven’t had my powerplate sessions so need to book those before the voucher expires!

I was going to have a dry September, but that only lasted about 15 -16 hours as I had a wine with a friend this afternoon, but it was such a beautiful day, the sun was out, and we sat on the deck, so a glass of wine seemed necessary.

We actually had a soak at the mineral pools too which was lovely, my skin feels really soft, and I bought some of their awesome water to not only help with weightloss but also because of the minerals it contains to make my skin healthier too.

My goal for September is to have a total loss of 15kgs will be half way to goal – I’ve been hovering around 10 – 11kgs for weeks now, and I need to get back on track otherwise I’m going to be upset with myself in summer when I don’t fit into the clothes I want to!

I think the wine today will be the last for the month, time to knuckle down and get this done!

Happy spring everyone!


Image source

Motivation Monday – Organisation

This week’s motivation Monday is all about organisation! It’s the second week of the school holidays and the plan is to start the next term with a little more organisation. I’ve maximised the storage I have upstairs but there are somethings that aren’t working, so the plan is to rearrange a little bit more and move the unessential items down to the basement.

Here’s a fab example of how even a pretty good ‘before’ can end up being a fantastic ‘after’.


Having a space for everything is the answer, especially shelving, and whilst I don’t own this house I can still make better use of what is here. I may even post a pic!

What do you think? Does this motivate you to get stuck into that space that doesn’t quite work?

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Crowns – My New Passion

I used to collect hearts, heart shaped jewellery boxes, heart shaped wall decor, my mum even gave me a fabulous heart shaped bathmat for my birthday one year, and even though I still ❤ hearts, I have a new passion – Crowns!

Until today I only had one set of ornamental ceramic hearts that sit on the window sill behind my bed, however a few weeks ago I had to drive to Hawera to see a client, and on my way home I spied a set of gorgeous crown bookends. Alas, I didn’t have the funds to purchase them when I first saw them, so I had to leave them behind. Today I went to see my client again and decided that if the store was open, and if they were still there then they were to be mine, well guess what…



These are my fabulous new crowns. They are made out of metal and are a little weighty (they’ll be fun to move one day) but soooo worth the wait. Not sure where I am going to showcase them yet but they will certainly have pride of place somewhere special.

What do you think? Do you like them? Are you a ‘crown’ person?


Well we are all moved in, there is still heaps of unpacking to do but it’s lovely to be in our new home which has been dubbed ‘Camelot’. So named for several reasons including the fact that the house sits proudly atop a hill, it feels safe, and well, lets face it, I’m a princess!

My  little prince has settled in well and is enjoying having plenty of space to run around and be a boy.

The house is always flooded with light and just feels so good. It really does feel like a wonderful place to live. I’m looking forward to many happy times here.


We’re On The Move!

The residents of the Tweet House are on the move!

Donna is moving to place in Carrington St, not far from Mill Road.

Hartleigh and I moving to a darling little two bedroom deco house on Lorna Street. I shall post pictures when we move in.

So far this year we have managed to stay true to many of this year’s resolutions however not the crafting which unfortunately I have only done a couple of afternoons. This is something I need to prioritise after the move.

Organisation has been very good with most mornings going smoothly. I am feeling good about this resolution.

Patience levels have also been good helped in part by the organisation. Of course the stress of moving may well put paid to that but lets hope not.

A new home is a new start in many ways so I shall restart the resolutions that have slipped a little.

Happy moving to us!