Advent 2015 – Day One

Hartleigh has four Advent Calendars this year, and before you think that’s a bit OTT, it may be, but there’s no Advent police running around dictating how many you can have, thankfully!

So he has the usual ‘chocolate-a-day’ one, and he has two ‘build-a-bit-each-day’ calendars – one is a Star Wars 100 piece jigsaw, and the other is a Minecraft Lego creation, his fourth and final is our traditional Activity calendar. For this, I have usually completed all the activities before the start of the month, but this year it’s a bit of a moving beast as I’m making some last minute changes depending on things that are happening.

The first day of December saw the return of our Elf On A Shelf. I had hoped to have him wired by now, but time got away from me and firstly I couldn’t find my wire so I had to buy some, then I needed a quick unpick, which my sister dropped off to me this morning. but I also need a needle to sew him back up. Went to Spotlight today, forgot to get one! So I’m going to wait until the weekend now.

Anyway, here are today’s calendars (I won’t be posting a pic of each calendar each day – the Builders will be every few days when there is something to show, and for the Activity if it’s simple I’ll just post a pic of the card, if it’s ‘something’ then I’ll include that).

Day One Advent 2015

Elf On A Shelf sits atop the ‘Minecraft Lego’ advent
‘chocaday’ advent – duly tested by the mother
Activity Advent ‘Your Choice For Dinner’ = BurgerFuel
The bags hide a 100 piece Star Wars jigsaw

Advent-ures #1

With 109 days left until the big day, I’m very keen to start theming the house, but it’s still a little early. (Even for me!)

In the meantime I’ve been keeping myself busy by creating advent calendars and other bits and pieces. Below is the advent calendar I’ve made for my mum.

Advent Calendar


I used small flat bottomed bags, and cut the numbers with my Cricut – each set of 6 bags has a slightly different paper pattern. The bags are held closed with small wooden pegs. I haven’t ‘sealed’ the bags so they can be reused.

I filled the bags with things my mum likes – coffee, skin care and nail treatments, and chocolates. There is also a small handmade gift in the first bag.


Advent Calendar 2012 | Day 16

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Day 16 already! Today the card was playing board games, something I traditionally associate with holidays, especially summer at the beach. Hart decided he wanted to play cards which was fine by me. We played ‘Go Fish’ with the Ben 10 pack, a little tricky when I don’t know all of the characters lol. Really need to play games more often! Adding that to the resolutions for 2013.