Crowns – My New Passion

I used to collect hearts, heart shaped jewellery boxes, heart shaped wall decor, my mum even gave me a fabulous heart shaped bathmat for my birthday one year, and even though I still ❤ hearts, I have a new passion – Crowns!

Until today I only had one set of ornamental ceramic hearts that sit on the window sill behind my bed, however a few weeks ago I had to drive to Hawera to see a client, and on my way home I spied a set of gorgeous crown bookends. Alas, I didn’t have the funds to purchase them when I first saw them, so I had to leave them behind. Today I went to see my client again and decided that if the store was open, and if they were still there then they were to be mine, well guess what…



These are my fabulous new crowns. They are made out of metal and are a little weighty (they’ll be fun to move one day) but soooo worth the wait. Not sure where I am going to showcase them yet but they will certainly have pride of place somewhere special.

What do you think? Do you like them? Are you a ‘crown’ person?