Advent 2015 – Day Fifteen

Day 15.jpg Day Fifteen is another choose dinner deal for Hart, he chose the new Create Your Own option at McDonalds. My verdict – it’s expensive, food is still from McDonalds, and I would rather spend the money on decent meals at the supermarket. Elfie was obviously into mischief with the lights, and there is little progress on the puzzle – next time I need to make it first, then put the pieces in the bags in order.

Advent 2015 – Day Twelve

Day 12Day Twelve is all about Christmas Popcorn. Elfie was hanging out in the pantry with the ingredients, and fortunately that tied in with the Activity Advent, and the bottom is the finished product. Popped corn, with white chocolate, and 100s and 1000s. I remembered after we had finished that it’s meant to be red and green pebbles/smarties but Hart didn’t notice so all good.

Advent 2015 – Day Nine

Day 9 Day 9 sees Elfie having out in the the table setting, with my newly sprayed baubles #onceweresilver, the Activity Advent is a present for his teacher. We gave him a Christmas mug. H helped with the wrapping, chose and tied the ribbon, and the gift card.