Monday Motivation – Thank Yourself

On Saturday I broke my #Dry100 and had a drink (or five) and woke up yesterday with a very sore head! 31 days dry and my alcohol tolerance was definitely depleted, and given the fact that I hadn’t eaten anything it wasn’t surprising I’d feel a bit under the weather.

Today I decided I needed to kick it up a notch and went for a run. Well not ‘really’ a run, more a wog (walk/jog), and only 3kms, but it was something – better than nothing, and I ran along the walkway and listened to the waves. It was good, even though it was bloody freezing!

I’m also going to try and get some of my ‘100’ items going too, will try and get out of bed early tomoro but it’s not easy when it’s so cold in the house!

Found the below on Pinterest and thought it was perfect for today’s MM

3 months from now

I Am 100 Update 1

A week in, and I am down 3kgs #kapow

Haven’t thought about drinking in terms of really wanting a drink. I’ve had the old ‘A glass of wine would be nice right now’ thought, but that’s quickly gone with someone flight of fancy #oohshinythings

Macros have been killing me smalls! My sugar has been out of control, even though my calories are sitting at an average of 620 calories per day – my sugar was 77 grams on Monday! Gah!

Managed to pull it back in the last couple of days, but clearly have to be more vigilant – so easy to let those things slip even when calories are in control.

Tomorrow night will be my first real test with a visit to a pub with work. Will have to avoid food and booze. Not an easy ask but it’ll be so worth it at the end of the day (well 92 days now) 😉

Happy thirsty Thursday to y’all, don’t forget those of you who are Dry Julying this is your last weekend before it starts.



Motivation Monday – Don’t

I spent the best part of Sunday trawling through Pinterest getting inspiration for this year’s Christmas, yes I do mean the Christmas that is 353 days away! I’ve decided that as it’s such a busy time at work for me I need to have a plan to ensure my Christmas is how I want it this year. So each room has a theme, I have an ideas list, a things to buy list, and most importantly – a ‘things to make’ list. These Things To Make will be a fundamental part of my Handmade Christmas.

During my browsing I came across some great inspiration including crafts, Christmas decor ideas, fabulous things to make, and of course diet and exercise motivation. The below quote really struck me as it can relate not only to the things you think you’ll want to give up such as exercising, or your weight loss regime, but also those other little things that might not be as easy as we would like them to be and the ‘CBF’ thought goes through our mind.

So this is the first Motivation Monday for the year and I want you to take it with you throughout the year and when you hit a wall remember the quote, and keep going!

Don't Give Up Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – What Works For Me

I haven’t done a Motivation Monday post for a while so I thought I would do one about my motivations. I’ve posted these in MLFC a few times but thought it time to actually write a formal blog about them.

When I first started this WLJ most of my motivation came from the hurt I felt at the party I went to as documents in this blog. and that motivation lasted quite a long time, I also put a picture of one of my girl crushes, Ms Jennifer Love Hewitt, onto my fridge. After a while the hurt wore off as I started to see results, and having the same pic on my fridge soon also stopped having an impact, so I needed something else.

In came in the Vision Board, something I do every at the beginning of every year, but these ones were specific to my weight loss. I set the images as the screen savers and backgrounds on my computers and iPhone. I still have these now, although I haven’t created a new one for a few months. Perhaps I should do one for this last push to goal.

Again, after a while these have less impact than when they are first created so I decided to get into the numbers. I added a whole lot of calculations to the spreadsheet that I record my weight in each day. Basic calculations like; how much I have lost so far, the percentage of my original weight that loss represents, and the percentage I am to my goal weight. It also shows my weight in pounds, and pounds lost. It also calculates my BMI. Each day I put my weight in and all the calculations change to reflect the new weight. Having all of those totals means that I reach mini-milestones along the way and that really helps to keep me going.

I also love visual reminders (hence the vision boards), so I also started using window chalk to write how far to goal I am on my kitchen window, and often something motivational. On the mirror in my bedroom I also have my goal weight, to help my mind accept that that is my weight. I’ve previously written about the episode of The Biggest Loser where they talk about you being at your goal weight and that your body just needs to catch up. This had a real impact on me and I think that was another turning point for me.

This motivator I haven’t done yet, but I did post about it in MLFC last week as I thought it was a great idea. I think I might do it when I get to goal. The idea is based on a similar event during The Biggest Loser but in my version you go to your kitchen, load up your benches with enough food to match how much you’ve lost. take a photo of it, then load it all into grocery bags and carry those bags around your house for ten minutes. My son weighs around 25kgs and I can tell you right now, there’s no way I would want to carry him around for ten minutes, and that’s less than I have lost! Put copies of the pic where you can see them, on the fridge, cupboards, where ever you might be tempted. It’ll serve as a reminder of all the hard work you have already done!

The last thing I recommend is a cheer team. As those from the MLFC group will attest to, that group offers so much love and support, no matter where you are in your journey there’s someone there to offer advice, a shoulder to cry on (albeit virtually), and to acknowledge all your hard work. Those ‘likes’ and comments are recognition that you aren’t doing this alone, having positive supportive people along the way is instrumental in success..

Now, don’t get me wrong, I lose motivation, I make bad food choices, and I want to give up, but at the end of the day I am making progress – it stops and starts, some weeks I feel like it’s completely uphill and I’m never going to get there, and other weeks (like last week) I just feel like I have this nailed, of course I don’t, but each backward step is a lesson, and taking those lessons and applying them going forward makes everything a little bit easier. Having those small motivational triggers helps me to get back into it. So, there you go, if you have been struggling, mix up your motivation, find something different to give you a little push in the right direction.

Keep Going

Motivation Monday | The Rose

Saturday night I went out for a few drinks and ate waaaay too much food. I had driven into town and left my car there so I would have to walk in to get it on Sunday. Sunday was a beautiful day and I set off at about 7.45am and was even able to break into a jog for some of the route. Felt really good as I haven’t run in a long while, will wait to see if my foot shows any adverse effects. On my way home in the car the Bette Midler song ‘The Rose’ came onto the radio. It’s such an uplifting song I immediately decided to use the some of lyrics for today’s Motivation Monday post.

For those of use who are on a weigh loss journey, transition from unhealthy to healthy, lifestyle change, call it what you will, at times it gets tough, really tough. I struggled mentally yesterday with allowing myself to eat so much on Saturday night and spending money on booze! I woke up and was mentally berating myself about it. I’ve worked too hard to do dumb shit like that but I had to let it go and the run did help with that. Time like that it feels like the winter part of my journey, it’s a bit dark, it’s a bit cold, and you feel a bit low. But no matter how cold, dark, wet, and miserable your ‘winter’ might be no matter what spring is always going to come. Sometimes you don’t even notice it and then all of a sudden the scale shows a loss, your clothes feel looser, you run a bit further, you workout for longer, lift heavier, what ever it might be and this is the spring of your journey. For us in New Zealand spring is less than two weeks away and I know I have worked hard over the winter, OK not my ‘absolute’ hardest but I’ve made progress, I’ve improved my diet, my fitness, my self esteem, and my lifestyle. Just like the season I am in my spring and am absolutely looking forward to my summer!

So if you are feeling a bit wintery, hang in there, spring is on it’s way!

Motivation Monday The Rose

What is skinny love anyway??

This question was posted on Twitter earlier today when I stated that I have created a Twitter account (@skinnyloveNZ) for this blog.

So from this question

to this answer

to this response

This, is #skinnylove

I guess the idea started somewhat from Gala Darling and her Radical Self Love blogs, and then I fell in love, not only with another person, but also myself.

Skinny Love is not about loving being skinny, despite what the name might suggest! It’s far bigger than that. It’s about accepting that even the thinnest amount of love for yourself should be embraced. It’s about believing that that ‘thin end of the wedge’ actually leads to a much bigger wedge, and so it’s worth the effort to hang in there through the ‘thin’ because the ‘thick’ is coming. Now this thick is different for every person. It might be getting through a health scare, it might be paying off one more debt, it might be achieving a life goal, it might be having control of a section of your life that in the past you’ve felt was wildly out of control. It might even be accepting the fact that you have no control of things and that is actually OK.

The first line of the song goes

Come on skinny love just last the year

I think this line means the most to be because I feel like if I can hold this love for a year, I can hold it forever.

To me #skinnylove means controlling the things I can, and not stressing about the things I can’t (sounds like that AA thing but it’s a good philosophy).

Skinny Love is about believing that things will always get better, even if some times they have to get worse first.

Skinny love is about understanding that sometime shit ain’t gonna go your way – in fact it’s not going to go your way in the worst way possible! Someone I went to school with is about to lose her battle with breast cancer, yesterday a promising young man from a well respected family in our community lost his life, and there is a little girl in Starship Hospital who isn’t going to have Christmas this year.

This shit is real, this shit makes you hug your children, this shit makes you care less about bills, this shit makes you focus on what is important to YOU! These priorities are not going to be priorities of those around you and that’s ok. Don’t judge your priorities by others, their shit is different to yours!

So NO #skinnylove is not about loving being skinny. it’s about being positive. For me right now – losing weight is my #skinnylove BUT by Summer my #skinnylove is going to be about making a stronger body that will maintain it’s health. #skinnylove is about being here for my son, it’s about being fit and healthy, living a great lifestyle that I can pass  on to him. I want to be here for his important days, as well as his mediocre. When you have a child at 35, as I did, you are on the back foot when it comes to time, health, and experiences. It’s my parental obligation to be here as long as I can for him. He’s in the skinny of his life, and I want to be here for the thick!

Yes, my tweets and blogs about #skinnylove are about diet, clean eating, lifestyle changes, and eating healthily, but that’s because to me, those things are vital to ensuring our longevity. With 1 in 4 New Zealanders ‘obese’ we have a major problem in this country, so if I can help one person to choose a healthier lifestyle then that’s such a great thing. Yes, most of the #skinnylove posts are about weight loss, diet, fitness, clean eating, healthy living, etc but there’s nothing wrong with that. I know from experience that being overweight is not a happy place to be. Yes, excess weight can be a manifestation of deeper issues, but sometimes the release of some weight can make you feel good enough to seek treatment, to delve into why the weight is there in the first place, and it can empower you to keep losing, keeping finding something about yourself to love, and to keep yourself healthy.

So, wow, that is Skinny Love! I hope you understand now that’s it’s not about loving being skinny, it’s about loving the skinny because when you love in the thing, you are rewarded in the thick!

Motivation Monday – Make The Effort

The new term kicks off today, and one of my key goals for each term is to maintain the weekly order to ensure smooth running, stress-free mornings. One of the main ways I do this is making Sunday the ‘get organised’ day. This includes making the main parts of Hartleigh’s lunches (we use ice cream containers set out on a sideboard in the kitchen). The intention is that each morning (or the night before if we’re really organised & the lunchbox is clean) the items from the container are transferred into the lunchbox, along with items such a yoghurt, freshly cut kiwifruit, or the odd sandwich. It works well for us.

I also like to have all of the clothes washed, ironed, and put away/hung up. For me it means I have my entire wardrobe to choose what to wear rather than not being able to wear something because ‘It’s in the wash’, for Hartleigh it means we can set out a week’s worth of clothes on the spare sofa and each morning he can choose out of the piles what he wants to wear. There’s no drama about not wanting to wear something because he chooses what goes in the piles. When we don’t have the clothes set out he tends to get out of the shower and stand freezing while I grab stuff for him, which a) is not ideal for him and b) annoying for me.

This term I  have also created a chart for him with all his jobs to do. The idea behind this is that he can check it to see what is left to do before he asks to go on the computer, but also for me it’s not the rather monotonous questions about what he has to do. Some morning’s he’s fantastic and gets them all done quickly and quietly and other mornings it’s like amnesia has struck and he’s never got ready for school in his life lol.

As I mentioned above, being this organised is a ‘goal’ because it doesn’t always happen. Some mornings we’re doing lunches from scratch (or buying stuff on the way to school!), or the top he wants to wear on Friday is the one he wore on Monday and it’s in the wash.

I also like to have all the dishes done and a clean and clear bench when we leave in the morning, along with made beds, things where they are meant to be (no toys in the lounge), etc so when I get home it’s to a tidy house which makes me feel good.

Being this organised takes effort and that’s what this Motivation Monday blog is about. Make The Effort and you reap the rewards. Walking through the house and it’s clean and tidy is such a good feeling. Dishes on the bench or an unmade bed is just depressing. It makes me feel tired and yet doing these small things makes all the difference and the effort is minimal.

For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward