Fashionista Friday – Royal Ascot 2014

It’s Royal Ascot time again and that means tradition, pagentry, and over the top hats. Oh sure, there are also horses racing, and don’t get me wrong I love the ‘racing’ aspect of Ascot, but the fashion demands just as much attention, if not more, than the horses!

Here are some my picks from this year’s event. There are plenty more online and very hard to choose just a few.

Royal Ascot 2014


You’ll see that I’ve actually chosen a pant suit as my feature outfit. If you dissect all the pieces there are so many ‘wrongs’ and get together the whole outfit works, even the rather odd headwear.

Of course I had to add my favourite quirky hat and I love the moss and horse, esepcially teamed with the horse neckalce.

The asymetric hat with the negative detail is so simple and yet very effective.

The red and white outfit just cute, lots of personality without being outrageously attention seeking.

The cream dress is again an example of simple and elegant and whole ensemble just works beautifully.

The style of the black hat is my current favourite, with an angled hat and flower detailing under the brim.

Finally, it’s not Royal Ascot, with a royal, and although I’m no fan of Camilla I simply love her hat! Well her outfit really, beautifuly tailored (of course), and the hat is stylish with a bit of fun.


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Fashionista Friday – Lego Meets Royalty Meets Fashion

My beautiful son is 9 on Saturday! I can barely believe it. Thank god I have living, breathing, reminder of time because honestly it goes SO fast I can barely cope.

Mr-almost-9 is having a Lego theme for this year’s celebration and we’ve made some cute decor items (blog to follow) and as it’s Ascot next week I thought I would do a pre-Ascot fashion post and what do you know Lego + Royalty + Fashion! #aboutdied or, if I was American, ‘literally died’ because they have no concept of the actual meaning of ‘literally’!

How adorbs is this?

Rachel Trevor-Morgan Fits Designer Hats To LEGOLAND Figures Ahead Of Royal Ascot


Kate Middleton


Rachel Trevor-Morgan Fits Designer Hats To LEGOLAND Figures Ahead Of Royal Ascot


Camilla, The Queen, and Kate.

Rachel Trevor-Morgan Fits Designer Hats To LEGOLAND Figures Ahead Of Royal Ascot


The Royals at Buckingham Palace.

Their hats were made by designer Rachel Trevor-Morgan, the Queen’s milliner. #flash


Next week I’ll have ‘human fashion’ from Royal Ascot but for now, if you’d like more Lego/Royal/Fashion here’s the original post.


Fashionista Friday – Hats

Go me, two blogs this week! Lol

We had a business networking event last night and my gorgeous friend Charlotte turned up looking very metropolitan in a hat. I love hats although I don’t wear them very often. I emailed her this morning to reiterate the fact that I thought she looked fabulous and her reply was “you never have a bad hat day with a hat” and  how true is that!

So here are some hats from the Fall/Winter 2014/2015 collection (Northern Hemisphere).



I bet you can’t guess which one is my fav! 😉


These are cute too!



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Golden Globes 2014

Golden Globes fashion always sets the tone for the fashion for the coming year, and this year is no exception.

There are always fabulous gowns, completely clangers, and then a few stunners.

This year I have to say I loved what Guiliana was wearing, the dress added a bit of ‘body’ to her and there was lovely movement, and I thought her gorgeous bob really set the dress off.



Margot Robbie,in Gucci, wore my absolute favourite dress. What a stunner!



I’ve never been a fan of dresses that don’t offer ‘support’, such as the dress Amy Adams wore, and personally I don’t think the two tones go well together.


My girl crush, Sofia Vergara, wore another stunner, seriously she would look fabulous in a sack.


Hair was an mix of both gorgeous up-do’s and casual down. I think I least liked Hayden Panettere, looks like she didn’t have time to dry it. I did love Julia Roberts’ up-do (although the pic doesn’t do it justice) and I thought Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting’s hair was very blah – too ‘everyday’ for my liking.

Golden Globes Hair


Jewellery was it’s usually major bling! I did notice that many of them were wearing their rings on the exterior fingers, first and little mostly. Glad to see I’m still rocking that trend.

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Fashionista Friday – Race Day Fashion 2014

With just over six weeks until the Silk Spa Fashions On The Field at Pukekura Raceway (my work), there’s little wonder I’m blogging about race day fashion. Ellerslie held their Fashions On The Field on Boxing Day and once again offered up an exceptionally high standard of attire. I’m sure our entrants can do the same!

This was the Supreme Winner

Ellerslie Supreme Winner 2013


I really like this outfit because the fabric is on trend, as are the shoes which I absolutely adore!, and the outfit is not too matchy-matchy. I wouldn’t say it’s classic ‘race wear’ as generally the arms are covered but on a hot summer day in New Zealand it’s the perfect outfit for the event.

As we’re having more defined categories this year I also wanted to post the winner of the Under 25s as an example of how easy it is to ‘get it right’.

Ellerslie Under 25 Winner 2013


She looks gorgeous in this outfit and a well deserved win.Again, on trend with the fabric, understated elegance in terms of her dress, and just the right accessories.

Lets see this on the 15th of February! What will I be wearing? NO IDEA!

Fashionista Friday – Nude Heels

Haven’t done a Fashionista Friday post for such a long time, but when I saw these heels I just had to have them! (in this blog post at least lol).

nude suede heels


I just love these, I think nude is such a safe colour to choose, it elongates your legs, goes with any colour, and I love the height of these. These are not only tricolour but also have three different types of material adding to their attraction.

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Fashionista Friday – Chevron

Two trends I am really noticing coming through for Summer are the pattern known as Chevron, and also the strapless maxi, ala 1970’s – both of which I think are fabulous and combined even better!

I wouldn’t feel confident wearing a strapless on a race day, mostly because it’s probably a bit casual for me at work, but would definitely wear out and about over the Spring and Summer. I hope the stores in town bring in this style.

What do you think? Do you like the Chevron pattern? Are you a fan of the strapless maxi?

chevron maxi dress, summer fashion 2013


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Fashionista Friday – Boots

Winter officially started this week and yet it’s still warm enough to sit outside, with a book and beer and enjoy the warmth (some days anyway).

Winter to me always means ‘boots’ – I usually have three or four pairs (not many compared to most) but this year at the moment I have one and they are at least two years old! I just haven’t been able to find the right pair for me – not last winter, not this one so far! Hope I find some soon because it’s starting to get a little ridic!

Anyway, if opportunity and finances were no object here are some boots I would love to have in my wardrobe.

black boots


These are the type of boots I am looking for!

pink cowgirl boots


I definitely want a pair of pink cowgirl boots someday!

red boots


If you’re going to wear gumboots they might as well make a statement!

black uggs


Oh yeah some uggs for those eskiho days!



I would never wear this outside the house but every girl should have a pair of CFM boots!

Fashionista Friday – Goal Dress

Last year I went to the Hooker Pacific Taranaki Cup Day as a guest of a dear friend who was a sponsor of the Fashions On The Field (yes, that is actually the correct name – trust me I did a lot of research), I sat with her and her gorgeous friends and felt ok about being there until the photos were taken and then I realised how fat I looked. So I promised myself that in a year’s time I would fit into my favourite (and smallest) dress, I would be happy with how I looked, and I would cut it with the others.

This past year has been a battle. It’s been a hell of a battle, I’ve battled my emotions, I’ve battled my body, and I’ve battled my demons. I’ve had set backs, I was tracking along really well when a family incident threw me and I resorted to comfort eating and not giving a shit. My weight crept up again and soon enough I couldn’t fit into 3/4 of my wardrobe, again! I was feeling like shit but then another incident, at a party just before Christmas (where I really was at a low because I’d had such a damn wardrobe meltdown trying to find something to wear anyway!), and then a comment – a mean comment – a rude comment (one that still rings in my ears) really had an affect on me and I decided no way would someone say that to me ever again.

I resolved to start a VLCD and lose as much weight as I could before the next Hooker Pacific Race Day so I could fit into my goal dress, and so I did, I worked hard, and believe me some days those cupcakes were calling! But I persevered and lost of 11kgs in the 8 week time frame. Not only can I now fit into almost everything in my wardrobe (see my wardrobe blog here) but I fitted and wore my goal dress!

I guess I should thank that nasty person (even though at the time I wanted to punch him in the face) as it turns out that was my motivator, that was my ‘low point’. The place where you can only go up from.

I’m still  a little way from my goal weight, but I’m happy with my progress and I feel like I finally have this under control now.

sonya cole goal dress


(Unfortunately I sprained my foot two days before this event and couldn’t wear my heels – hence no full body shot – but I will post one once I can get my heels back on!).