Day 10 | Worthiness Wednesday

I knew I would struggle with this when I saw it come up last week, however I chose another topic to write about last week so managed to avoid #WW until now.

The definition of worthy is


[wur-thee]  adjective, wor·thi·er, wor·thi·est, noun, plural wor·thies.


1. having adequate or great merit, character, or value: a worthy successor.
2. of commendable excellence or merit; deserving: a book worthy of praise; a person worthy to lead.

Self-worth is in part how we treat ourselves. When we are in self-care mode we eat healthily, get plenty of sleep, keep stress levels down, and participate in things that make us happy. When we are in self-destruct mode we tend to drink too much alcohol, eat poorly, don’t get enough rest, and have increased stress levels.

In fact in times of high stress we should take the best care of ourselves because our minds, bodies, and spirits need all the help they can get to pass through the stressful period and come out the other side in a much better mental and physical position. However, it’s this very period in our lives where the self-destruct part of our personality tends to take over and exacerbates the problem.

I intend to at least take some steps to do some ‘self care’ over the next few months as our family goes through a period of very stressful situations. If I’m not looking after myself, I’m not looking after anyone else either.

Sunday Afternoon Philosophy

It’s the first of June on Friday! How are your New Year Resolutions going? Some of mine are going great, and others… no so much.

I always feel like the 1st of each month is a chance to reset things that may have slipped and the first of June will be no exception.

I plan to refocus on my goals, get back into a routine with the house, the stay on track with workload.

After participating in a ‘Canvas’ session last week I have a new business plan (still being refined and I’ll be blogging about it on my business website) and that has re-motivated me which will spread from work to home too.

Time to get everything back on track and in order, it always feels so good being on top of things!

That’s why I have a Yin Yang tattoo, it’s having balance in everything you do.


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New Year Feng Shui

The New Year always inspires me to want to make changes, to sort out clutter, tidy up things and start the new year with a positive outlook.

I have some traditions that I like to carry out including some Feng Shui as it makes a lot of sense to me, their principals are about clearing out the old to make room for the new, having symbols of abundance and having a positive frame of mind.

They advocate cleaning your entire house before the New Years Day to help give the old year the push out the door and to clear the way for new energy, however you should avoid cleaning on the first day of the new year as this will clear away the fortune and luck on its way to you.

Fill your sugar canisters to ensure a sweet year. You can also fill a fruit bowl with oranges and sprinkle gold coins around, this also is a sign of abundance.

Have lots of cash in your purse/wallet (red of course), so you start the year encouraging more fortune and abundance. Sprinkling ginger (or money powder) over the cash is also a great way to add an extra boost to your abundance chi (energy).

At midnight open the back door of your house and create a few loud noises using firecrackers, party poppers or a pot and spoon – these are said to scare off the negative energy of the previous year, then close it and open the front door to welcome in all the new year and all it’s promise, along with a positive new chi. Although not Feng shui you could also choose to burn some white sage as this is also believed to clear out negative energy from a house.

It’s also considered auspicious if the first thing you see is a red bird, so endeavour to have a picture, ornament, or some other symbol of a red bird somewhere that you will easily see it either immediately after midnight or first thing when you wake up.

Start the new year as you mean to go on. No crying, no arguments, yelling, etc. Keep the day relaxed and enjoyable.

Best thing about the above? don’t worry if you don’t get it all done on the 31st of December as this is the European New Year however the Chinese New Year is the 23rd of January 2012, so you have a month to get all the things in place for that celebration.

“Expect your every need to be met. Expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level…”
(Eileen Caddy)

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