Blog Challenge 2015

At a women’s networking luncheon I attended on Wednesday, one of the participants of my last Blog Challenge asked when I was going to do another, which funnily enough I had been thinking about because they are fun, and challenging, and I miss blogging.

So I’m going to be running a Blog Challenge in March.

There will be 31 topics

Plus 5 Pass days

Plus 5 Swap topics

The 31 topics means, if you wish you can blog every day. The 5 pass days mean that if you know you’re not going to have time, or just need a day off you can choose when to do this, and the 5 swap topics are in case what I have chosen aren’t right for you. Whilst I’ve tried to choose a wide range of topics, I understand that not all of them will resonate so I thought a few additional options might be a great way to avoid writers block and keep everyone in the game.

The 31 days probably gives you a hint that it will start on the 1st of March, given this blog is being written in February. The 1st of March happens to be a Sunday so I hope while you relaxing in the sunshine, you choose to join the challenge.

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I Am 100 Update 1

A week in, and I am down 3kgs #kapow

Haven’t thought about drinking in terms of really wanting a drink. I’ve had the old ‘A glass of wine would be nice right now’ thought, but that’s quickly gone with someone flight of fancy #oohshinythings

Macros have been killing me smalls! My sugar has been out of control, even though my calories are sitting at an average of 620 calories per day – my sugar was 77 grams on Monday! Gah!

Managed to pull it back in the last couple of days, but clearly have to be more vigilant – so easy to let those things slip even when calories are in control.

Tomorrow night will be my first real test with a visit to a pub with work. Will have to avoid food and booze. Not an easy ask but it’ll be so worth it at the end of the day (well 92 days now) 😉

Happy thirsty Thursday to y’all, don’t forget those of you who are Dry Julying this is your last weekend before it starts.



Wednesday Weigh-In and a few ?’s

weigh in words on scale, weighloss blog,

Oh Yeah it’s the first weigh-in for 2014 and the first week has been kind to me, with a 2.5kg loss, taking my total loss closer to my first weight goal for the year – getting back to 30kgs lost. I’m at 29.1kgs, so 900gms to go to hit that first marker.

I also wanted to answer some questions that have come up over the week.

Why do I weigh everyday?

I know a lot of people do weigh everyday and many choose to only weigh weekly, and some even longer. I guess it depends on why you weigh. For me there’s no way I could wait a week to see if I had lost, especially if there was no loss I’d feel like I’d wasted a week! I also use the weigh-in to my advantage. If it’s good, then I carry on as usual, if it’s bad it makes me resolve to try harder.

Another reason to weigh more often for me is the mental ‘let off’ which you get when you weigh in weekly, you know you have a whole week before you need to be accountable again and that tends to make me allow myself a treat (or two) because I know I have time to  ‘fix’ it. If I weight daily there’s not let off, I’m accountable every. single. day. Far better for me.

Why don’t I believe on ‘starvation mode’

There’s a whole blog post about this but fundamentally it’s because our bodies are smart. It doesn’t deliberately hurt itself until there is no alternative and for most of us that’s a loooooong way off. Unless you have next to no body fat (around 6%) and are actually starving yourself (not eating at all) your body will call on your fat reserves long before it starts to do anything detrimental to your muscles, organs, etc. At present I feel like I have at least 5kgs, maybe 10, of excess ‘fat’. Based on 5kgs that’s some 38,500 calories to spare, excluding eating any food. Based on a BMR of 1355 (my current calculated daily) it would take me 4 weeks of not consuming one calorie (yeah that’s not happening!) just to use my existing fat stores and even then I know I have plenty in reserve.

What do I eat?

At the moment I’m going for the lowest calorie option, which clean being the secondary consideration. Pea protein in the form of protein shakes & puddings. Low calorie, high nutrient soup. Tuna. Salad, salad, and more salad! I chuck chickpeas and chia seeds into my salads for added protein, and nutrients. High calcium, low fat dairy. Beef and lamb. Cheese!

What don’t I eat?

Pasta, rice, bread, potatoes. Processed food. No alcohol until mid February and then it’ll be low carb all the way.

I know this isn’t for everyone, but it works FOR ME. I lose weight, I feel good, I look good, and I learn how to be healthier along the way. Yes, I went backwards and ate processed crap, I drank too much, I didn’t track my calories. I gained. That’s the fundamental basis of weight loss. My intake was more than my out put the scales went up. Right now my intake is less than my out out and voila, weight loss! #seewhatididthere

There’s no magic, it’s basic science. The tricky part is getting your mind to control your body and not the other way round. That’s the HARD bit!

Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions!

Goals, Resolutions, and other Good Stuff

It’s the brink of 2014 and, as I’ve done for many a year, I’m setting goals and making resolutions for the New Year. I know making resolutions for many is just lip service, but I like something to strive for. For me it’s a positive way to start the year. I forgive myself for the things I didn’t achieve and resolve to achieve new things.

I also have some rituals I like to do on New Year’s Eve to start the year the right way. This is why I don’t tend to go out on NYE. I like to be in my comfort zone, doing the things I want to, with the people I want to. This year it’s going to be at Cervidae Castle with Mr 8, and a bottle of Moet! A fabulous way to start the New Year I think!

For me, goals are those that I can achieve through hard work and determination, resolutions are those things I would really like to achieve but that may not be possible due to circumstances and events outside of your immediate control.

As I’ve also blogged I do intend to print out some of these goals and resolutions and have them posted around the house as a daily reminder. I know this really worked for my weight loss and I will start that reminder again too.

So enough of all that, let’s get into it!

Firstly, I still feel that weight loss is my main focus for 2014 in terms of personal goals.

Weight Loss Goal

Goal 1 – Get back to 30kgs lost – Achieved 15/1/14
Goal 2 – Reach my original GW
Goal 3 – 35kgs lost
Goal 4 – Reach UGW
Goal 5 – To fit into single digit size clothing (yes, that means size 8 or less) – Achieved 30/1/14 – wore a size 8 skirt to work today!

(I intend to notarise these as I achieve each goal).

I do think UGW will take the best part of the year but I’m in this for the long haul so I’m comfortable with that long range forecast.


From 1st January until 14th February I intend to be alcohol-free. I lost a tonne of weight this year whilst being alcohol free for 4 weeks, and as I have BIG goals to reach this year I want to kick it off with some really good losses.

Organised House

I did pretty good in 2013 and having to move twice did make me declutter quite a bit but I do still have a lot of things I don’t use often enough to really warrant keeping them. There are still a lot of things I can let go and as I keep unpacking I’ll also keep decluttering.

I’m also going to have a really organised house. As this house is so old there are many modern conveniences that I don’t have so being clean and tidy all the time will be important to keep the house in a ‘good place’.

Organised Work

After a year in this job, I’ve experienced all of our different race days, and now feel like I have some knowledge behind me in terms of how I can create an even better experience for our race day guests, our sponsors, and the public. 2014 will be the start of some new strategies and systems in order to maximise the experience of each guest on each race day.

2014 offers plenty of scope to develop existing race days and build on the new events from the past twelve months.

Bigger, better, and more beneficial is my aim for 2014.

Oh, and of course there is also that secret project!! < Yes it’s a two exclamation project 😉

Handmade Christmas

Christmas was little underdone this (despite having 5 trees) as I felt like I didn’t get the benefit of the whole experience a) because we moved house so late, b) the trees didn’t go up until December!, and c) I worked so much! So Christmas 2014 starts in January with the handmade Christmas project. Look out for blogs about fabulous handmade items (and no doubt terrible disasters too!).

First on the agenda is knitted bunting (if I can remember how to cast on lol).

Bucket List / Things I Want To Do

2014 will be time to tick some of these off, and I will create a separate blog listing them and write separately as I tick them off, but here are just a few:

– Photography course
– Buy a Grabone ticket to a destination I’ve never been to before
– Blog, blog, and more blogging


31st December 2013 – A Review Of My Resolutions

I’ve copied by blog post from the first of January this year and through it might be a good idea to review what I have and haven’t done and use this to form part of my resolutions and goals for 2014.

The first day of the year always offers us a chance for a fresh start, to refocus our goals and plans. I’ve previously outlined my resolutions for this year but today I want to outline my personal ‘goals’.

Most people have a weight loss goal for the new year and I’m no different, unfortunately this is a roll over from 2012 but I am determined to reach my goal this year – and my reward? Being able to fit into the clothes in my wardrobe! I cannot wait – I have some super cute clothes and I want to be able to wear them. So the goal is to lose 20kgs.

Well for those of you who have followed my journey this year I have well and truly gone past the 20kg goal and even reached 30kgs!

Goal for 2014 – 40kgs!

My next goal is to do with photography – I’m actually quite a poor photographer [I particularly suck at selfies] and part of my new role at TTR is to take photos of the race days and my failings were highlighted when I uploaded the photos. Yes, some of this was a learning curve about what images to capture but also about how to capture great shots, so this year I want to learn how to take better photos, and ideally I would like to upgrade my camera too. The second part of this goal is about photos of me. I am not photogenic and usually hate photos taken of me, however I want to at least occasionally have some nice photos so my other goal is to learn how to be photographed.

Whilst I did do a bit of research about what photography courses there are, I didn’t actually do any classes!

Goal for 2014 – complete at least one class.

My third goal is a new car – the one I drive at the moment, to put it politely, is a piece of shit! It’s reliable [thankfully] but it’s as old as dial up internet, and I’m embarrassed to be seen in it! Hopefully I can get some savings under my belt this year to upgrade.

No new car in 2013, other priorities. Let’s see what 2014 brings.

My fourth goal is to launch a little sideline project I have bubbling away. I don’t want to say too much about it just yet, but as soon as it’s ready to go I’ll let you know.

This little project is on hold at present while I work on a potentially huge project connected to work.

My final goal for 2013 is to maintain and build this blog. I’d like to find a real rhythm this year and offer something new and fresh for the year, but for now, I wish you all a very Happy New Year, and hope you have a wonderful 2013 full of achieved resolutions and goals that have been reached.

The blog was going really well earlier in 2013, but I have to admit that the latter half of the year it has slipped, however now we are in a new house, work is under control (mostly), and life is settling down I feel like I have the time and the motivation to kick it up a gear in 2014.

Start Saturday, or in this case, Restart Saturday

At last, the breakthrough I’ve been waiting for. Yesterday was a race day at work, I squeezed myself into my dress and it was snug! I know I looked ‘ok’ and I got a tonne of compliments, which is always good for the self esteem, but I knew, in my heart, that I should have, and could have, looked better – so today I start. Next race day is the 5th of December and I want my dress (same size as yesterday) to be ‘loose’. I just know my mind set has changed – I’m thinking about buying salad ingredients not chips and dip, I’m not already giving myself permission to binge today (as has been happening), I want to get back to seeing the scale go down, I want that goal weight!

I’ve turned the corner. I’m set on weight loss again and not eating my emotions. I want to put that dress on, on the 5th, and know in my heart I do look the best because I worked for it!

The relief of having this frame of mind back is hard to describe. I’ve felt like I had no control over my thoughts (but of course I have) I just slid back in to the old habits when things got stressful and I was out if my routine, but now I know the new habits are back!

Sun is shining, things are looking up, and I feel great.

races 221113

Weigh-In Wednesday 25/9/13

Last Wednesday of September and I thought it warranted a weigh-in post.

Lost this month 5.4kgs. Total percentage of start weight lost 35% and 97% to goal weight.

No alcohol is definitely impacting on my weight loss in a positive way. I did start drinking again but will stop again after the weekend and keep to just weekends. It really does make a difference.


Not-So-Clean to Clean | Protein Shake

On my way to getting way cleaner, especially after my Big Wow eye opener.

A great example – here is my Protein Drink ‘ before and after’.

Compare Protein Drinks


Calories 71% less
Carbs 87% less
Fat 100% more
Protein 32% less
Sugar 93% less
Calcium 63% less

Homebrand trim milk 250mls 38c
Sculpt powder $1.65

So Good Almond Milk 250mls $1.07
Clean Lean $2.53

Nutrition Panels

(per 100g – 4 serves)

Just Natural

Smooth Vanilla

Creamy Cappuccino     

Rich Chocolate

Energy 1610kJ / 385 cals 1600kj / 383 cals 1540kj / 368 cals 1570kj / 376 cals
Protein 88g 84.3g 80.0g 80.0g
Fat 1.30g 1.29g 1.64g 1.96g
-saturated 0.20g 0.19g 0.44g 0.67g
Carbohydrate 2.70g 5.90g 5.48g 6.63g
-sugar 0.00g 0.53g 0.41g 0.67g
Dietary fibre 2.30g 2.60g 3.07g 4.67g
Sodium 2.00g 2.03g 1.91g 1.88g

Normally an 100% increase in fat would be a red flag, but going from 2% to 4% is nothing to be concerned about given all of the extra benefits offered by the clean protein. I’m also not concerned about the calcium reduction, I have a very high protein diet, I aim for at least 40% of my calories to come from calcium so I balance it out with other foods.

I am using a ‘flavoured’ powder at the moment to transition to this new type of powder but will move to the ‘natural’ one for my next container. The natural has a whopping 88grams of protein!

One of the biggest changes in the above is the 93% reduction in sugar and I have 71 extra calories to spend elsewhere.


The main difference between the Sculpt and the NuZest is clearly there are no ‘fillers’ in the pea protein. Whilst the actual powder is smooth and silky, it’s not creamy once it’s made up. The first time I drank it I really missed that thicker creamy texture, the second time I made it up I added a banana and it made it wonderful and creamy as did adding chia seeds, so it’s an easy work around for me as I like a thicker smoothie.

As for taste, I have the rich chocolate powder to which I usually add ground flaxseed, cinnamon and of course the almond milk is nice but it’s somewhat a confusion of flavours and I am looking forward to moving to the ‘natural’ powder to cut one of flavours out. Especially now I know that I probably won’t drink it without adding ‘something’ to it and having a neutral base is a good idea. I’ve also been recommended to try rice milk which apparently is more neutral than the almond, so next time I’m at the supermarket (probably today) I’ll grab some if I remember!

All in all, the pea protein offers far more nutrition that sculpt, yes it’s a lot more expensive but I think it’s worth it!


Clean Eating – The Big Wow

Eat Clean skinnylove imageSo yesterday I was interviewed by the local paper about clean eating. I was asked if I knew anyone who ate clean and suggested a friend who had previously given me some advice and a great ‘bread’ recipe. We met at my friends house and were duly interviewed about where we were in our clean eating process, what we do and don’t eat, etc.

My friend, who has been clean eating for about 4 years, really opened my eyes up to the world of clean eating. It’s far bigger than I imagined and to be honest a bit of minefield of information. My goal is to eat 90% clean by ‘my determination’ of clean. One of the things I realised when I started this process is that everyone has their own interpretation of what ‘clean’ is and my journey is going to be my interpretation, my determination of what I will and won’t eat.

For me it’s eating food in their natural state, as much as accessibility and my budget will allow, and after chatting with my friend yesterday I want to try and cut down on sugar (even though I thought I didn’t eat that much I’ve discovered a tonne of hidden sugars in my diet) and possibly reduce the amount of meat I eat. In saying that I’m not going to go cold turkey because I think for things to work for me I need to adjust to each new thing as I go through this process – and I’m not going to give up everything! Those might be famous last words! Only time will tell, but for now I’m going to start switching out some more things – such as no more cows milk, I’m going to try Almond Milk. Coconut Oil for cooking. More fish and less meat. I’m also going to switch protein powders – I knew the one I was using probably wasn’t that great but ‘big wow’ the new one is amazing

Old Powder
Nutritional Information Per 100g

Energy 1607kJ 384Cal
Protein 74.8g
Fat – Total 5.1g
– Saturated 2.5g
Carbohydrate – Total 8.6g
– Sugars 4.0g
Dietary Fibre 5.7g
Sodium 601mg

New Powder
Nutritional Information Per 100g

Energy 1495kJ 358Cal
Protein 88g
Fat – Total 1.3g
– Saturated 0.2g
Carbohydrate – Total 2.7g
– Sugars 0.0g
Dietary Fibre 2.3g
Sodium 2000mg

Check out the difference in the Fat and the Carbs! Yes the Sodium is worrying but I’m not going to eating this for very long and I don’t have a lot of salt in my diet anyway.

I’m also going to start educating myself about ‘what’s really in my food’ especially about the hidden sugars that are added to items you wouldn’t expect! What I hadn’t realised that many ‘salad’ bar foods still contain sugar as it’s used a preservative. That was a big wow to me, because I thought I was eating healthy and even though I counted the calories I wasn’t aware of the sugars. The other big wow is how extreme some people can be in choosing what they eat. I thought I was pretty good at restricting (when I’m on form and not being influenced by one-to-many fermented beverages) but wow, my eyes were opened up.

So welcome to the next stage in my clean eating journey, I think this part is going to be big changes but lots of rewards!