Start Saturday, or in this case, Restart Saturday

At last, the breakthrough I’ve been waiting for. Yesterday was a race day at work, I squeezed myself into my dress and it was snug! I know I looked ‘ok’ and I got a tonne of compliments, which is always good for the self esteem, but I knew, in my heart, that I should have, and could have, looked better – so today I start. Next race day is the 5th of December and I want my dress (same size as yesterday) to be ‘loose’. I just know my mind set has changed – I’m thinking about buying salad ingredients not chips and dip, I’m not already giving myself permission to binge today (as has been happening), I want to get back to seeing the scale go down, I want that goal weight!

I’ve turned the corner. I’m set on weight loss again and not eating my emotions. I want to put that dress on, on the 5th, and know in my heart I do look the best because I worked for it!

The relief of having this frame of mind back is hard to describe. I’ve felt like I had no control over my thoughts (but of course I have) I just slid back in to the old habits when things got stressful and I was out if my routine, but now I know the new habits are back!

Sun is shining, things are looking up, and I feel great.

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A Taste of Summer

Wow the weather in New Plymouth was gorgeous yesterday. There was a high of 18 degrees but it felt even hotter. I think I even got a little bit of colour!

Sitting outside in the sun, having a couple of beers, and listening to some music it totally felt like Summer! Was wonderful, really restorative and good for the soul.

There are a couple of lemon trees out the back of the house and they are heavy with fruit so I have been making lemon juice ice cubes, I’ve frozen some lemon quarters and will be doing slices this week too. Ever since I made Jamie’s Ricotta Fritters I had a new respect for lemons, they are so versatile and delicious! I think I’m going to do some research about making a lemon juice cocktail for the summer, probably with a gin or vodka base.

In the meantime, I’m holding onto that summer feeling today as it’s definitely not sunny, although fortunately not wet either.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Lemon cocktail

Weigh In Wednesday – Journey

Today was a great weigh in with a new lowest weight. I’m on a mission to get to goal now before I kick back into working out and running. Hopefully my foot will be better by then too! I’m still doing my exercises from the physio but I have not been running for a couple of weeks now to try and let it rest a bit. Will reassess it at the end of July and perhaps start some shorter runs again because I miss them. That being said today’s message fits perfectly Be happy with what you have while working for what you want!

Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.

The Skinny Love Spin On Jamie’s Ricotta Fritters

So last night I chose to make over Jamie Oliver’s Ricotta Fritters with Tomato Sauce and was surprised to find it was pretty clean to start with.

These are the ingredients and those ‘struck through’ are what I left out, primarily because I don’t like them, some I swapped out and the balsamic I simply didn’t have any to hand.


For the sauce
25 g dried porcini mushrooms ( I swapped these for a portobello)
4 anchovy fillets , optional
1 dried red chilli
2 cloves of garlic
700g passata (I used 290gms of Watties tomato puree)
8 black olives (stone in)
½ a bunch of fresh basil

For the fritters
1 large free-range egg
400 g ricotta cheese (I used 250gms of Perfect Italiano Light Ricotta)
1 whole nutmeg, for grating
1 lemon
40 g Parmesan cheese (I used 30gms)
1 heaped tablespoon plain flour (I used wholemeal breadcrumbs)
olive oil (I used Rice Bran cooking spray)
balsamic vinegar (I would have put this in if I had had some)

As I was making this only for myself I halved a few of the ingredients but still got two meals out of it, with three 1/4 cup sized fritters in each meal and plenty of tomato sauce (Jamie’s version there are two fritter per serving). I think I could definitely try it with basil next time and you do not need to add any salt.

To make them beautiful and golden you really do need to use oil to cook them but as I was going for clean and low calories I didn’t mind that they didn’t look really pretty.

Also I used breadcrumbs not flour because I’m still researching which is the best clean flour that is actually available at my local supermarket.

In terms of the calories:

Jamie’s site says it’s 408 per serving but when I worked it out I got 508 per serving (including the salad he made on the show)

If you deduct the salad I worked Jamie’s calories to be 433

Mine worked out to be 331

This will mostly be be down to leaving out ingredients, choosing a light ricotta and not using oil or all in all it’s a pretty clean and low calorie meal by Mr Oliver but I would still make mine the same as I did next time because I enjoyed it as it was.

So what’s with the ‘canned’ tomato puree? Two reasons, firstly price – the cost of getting enough tomatoes to make the same volume of puree is at least triple if not quadruple at the moment and secondly it’s 98% tomatoes (the other 2% are salt, sugar & citric acid) and is well within my clean eating limit of 90%.

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Clean Eating in June

So today kicks off the start of my serious clean eating project/lifestyle. I’m not saying I’m never going to eat unclean again (because lets face it – I’m not a robot and I love cupcakes lol) but it’s my intention to be more deliberate about not eating highly processed food rather than the ad hoc way I’ve been going about it so far.

Of course, I also want to lose weight and as I have ‘a thing’ for animal fat – the worst kind of fat there is (in my opinion) – I’m going meat free for the month. This will mean I need to be rather more organised about my dinner than I am now because I can’t just fall back on the go to steak, lamb, or pork.

Part of my cleaning eating project/lifestyle change is to choose recipes from well known chefs and see if I can clean them up and possibly reduce the calories too. My first project is going to be Jamie Oliver’s Ricotta Fritters with Tomato Sauce. That’s for dinner tonight and I’ll blog my results tomorrow.

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