Hartleigh’s Advent Calendar


This is the handmade advent calendar I created for my son. Each of the envelopes contains a personalised card, listed below:

1 – Put up & decorate your tree
2 – Write a letter to Santa
3 – Choose a goodie to open
4 – Choose an activity to do
5 – $2 to go shopping
6 – Your choice for dinner
7 – Extra time on the computer
8 – Make Christmas Cards
9 – Make a present for Mrs VK
10 – $5 to go shopping
11 – Choose a goodie to open
12 – Choose an activity to do
13 – Picnic dinner at the beach
14 – Extra book at bedtime
15 – Watch a Christmas movie
16 – Play a board-game
17 – Go to Santa’s Choice
18 – Visit Santa
19 – Donate old toys
20 – Buy something at Hospice
21 – Visit Festival of Lights
22 – Wrap present for Nannie
23 – You choose what to do today
24 – Open ‘Night Before Christmas’ box

I’ll be blogging through December as he opens each envelope.

First Day Of Spring

First day of spring brings with it so much promise. Warmer weather, closer to summer, longer days, and Christmas just around the corner.

I haven’t been keeping up with my intended crafting, but need to make sure I stay on track to ensure that everything is done before Christmas.

I’m also keen to post some more Snapguides, including a fabulous new cleaner, and some glass decorations.

I’m also keen to kick up the weightloss and add some exercise into my routine. I still haven’t had my powerplate sessions so need to book those before the voucher expires!

I was going to have a dry September, but that only lasted about 15 -16 hours as I had a wine with a friend this afternoon, but it was such a beautiful day, the sun was out, and we sat on the deck, so a glass of wine seemed necessary.

We actually had a soak at the mineral pools too which was lovely, my skin feels really soft, and I bought some of their awesome water to not only help with weightloss but also because of the minerals it contains to make my skin healthier too.

My goal for September is to have a total loss of 15kgs will be half way to goal – I’ve been hovering around 10 – 11kgs for weeks now, and I need to get back on track otherwise I’m going to be upset with myself in summer when I don’t fit into the clothes I want to!

I think the wine today will be the last for the month, time to knuckle down and get this done!

Happy spring everyone!


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Motivation Monday – I Like To Move It, Move It

Over the weekend I had a couple of things on that got in the way of doing any housework, this is nothing new, most weekends no housework (eg cleaning) gets done, I don’t count the washing and ironing as housework as this is stuff I like doing – the housework I don’t like is the cleaning even though I love a clean house. However, yesterday I decided the floors were looking really dusty and dull (they are all wood except the two bedrooms, so I dug out the vacuum and cranked up the music. A client dropped some paperwork off and told me she could hear the vacuum cleaner from her car – which is at the bottom of the hill as the house is elevated, she said thought it was a water blaster. Now I have wondered for sometime whether it was just me or whether it actually is loud, particularly due to my noise sensitivity. I actually feel better about it now that I know it’s not just me and hoping it won’t drive me so crazy next time it comes out.

So anyway, back to the point of this post – housework and music! Having psyched myself into the housework, I cranked up a bit of Nickelback and escaped into another place. Not only did the floors get done (took an hour and a half to vacuum and then wash them but it’s worth it), but I also broke out some dance moves and my very best karaoke (btw I cannot sing to save myself but who cares when no can hear you anyway!).

It felt really good to ‘move it move it’ and I felt really motivated afterwards. It’s a tiny little step towards exercise, but it’s a step. Now I just need to keep that motivation up and perhaps – wait for it – walk around the block! Oh yes, you read it here first lol. We’ll see, maybe when the nights are a bit lighter (Spring is just 11 days away – yuss!).

Motivation Monday – Organisation

This week’s motivation Monday is all about organisation! It’s the second week of the school holidays and the plan is to start the next term with a little more organisation. I’ve maximised the storage I have upstairs but there are somethings that aren’t working, so the plan is to rearrange a little bit more and move the unessential items down to the basement.

Here’s a fab example of how even a pretty good ‘before’ can end up being a fantastic ‘after’.


Having a space for everything is the answer, especially shelving, and whilst I don’t own this house I can still make better use of what is here. I may even post a pic!

What do you think? Does this motivate you to get stuck into that space that doesn’t quite work?

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Crowns – My New Passion

I used to collect hearts, heart shaped jewellery boxes, heart shaped wall decor, my mum even gave me a fabulous heart shaped bathmat for my birthday one year, and even though I still ❤ hearts, I have a new passion – Crowns!

Until today I only had one set of ornamental ceramic hearts that sit on the window sill behind my bed, however a few weeks ago I had to drive to Hawera to see a client, and on my way home I spied a set of gorgeous crown bookends. Alas, I didn’t have the funds to purchase them when I first saw them, so I had to leave them behind. Today I went to see my client again and decided that if the store was open, and if they were still there then they were to be mine, well guess what…



These are my fabulous new crowns. They are made out of metal and are a little weighty (they’ll be fun to move one day) but soooo worth the wait. Not sure where I am going to showcase them yet but they will certainly have pride of place somewhere special.

What do you think? Do you like them? Are you a ‘crown’ person?

Sunday Catch Up & Reset

As you will have noticed, there was no Wednesday Weigh In or Fashionista Friday this week, I was simply too busy with my son’s 7th birthday party, clients, and other work related things. I’ve also had a terrible eating weekend and back to some old habits, however have had a very stern word with myself and have set a goal of limiting intake to approximately 600 calories a day for the next two and half weeks before the trip to Auckland. Will probably do some meal replacements using the Horleys Sculpt I have and just have either salad or vegetable soup. Shouldn’t be too hard as I have a set target and goal and it’s a short time frame.

Goal is to lose 5kgs from weigh in amount tomorrow and reach a couple of my other goals. I’m also resetting the ‘organisation’ button for the last two weeks of the school term and getting into a better routine for work. I know it takes a bit of time getting things organised in advance, but it’s easier when I spend the time and makes life smoother and calmer.

Tomorrow is Motivation Monday but in the meantime I wanted to just post something ‘pretty’ for Sunday.


Weigh In Wednesday 25/4/12

It’s a big weigh-in Wednesday today for several reasons

Firstly – I have lost 3.8kgs (8.4lbs) – So happy the scales just keep going down

Secondly – Anzac Day is always emotional. My ex-husband, who served in the Navy for 24 years, took Hartleigh to the local service. Here’s H all dressed up and ready to go.

I also took the opportunity of a day off to do some more sorting and unpacking. I split my wardrobes (there are two in my room ) between those clothes that first now (or will soon) eg; ‘fat clothes’ and pretty much the ‘goal’ wardrobe, where – to be honest, most of my favourite pieces are. I also emptied out a few more containers of clothes and I now, I not only have a goal ‘outfit’ but also a goal dress, goal fitness clothing, but also goal undies lol. Yep nothing by halves!

I also finally hit the dining room and now I can actually sit at the table and might move my office out there instead of working in the lounge. We’ll see, it means breaking myself away from the TV!

I found my favourite glasses I had been looking for and also found somethings I decided to give away to a local family who lost everything in a fire. Even though I know it’s for a good cause it’s still hard to say goodbye to things, I’m so sentimental and a bit of a hoarder I still think ‘but I might need it one day’ lol – yeah probably not!

I also have a tonne of things to get to friends and family so looking forward to doing a big ‘drop off’ run shortly. One step closer to ‘operation excess gone’. Excess belongings AND excess weight. Yeah baby!