Blogging – Daily Prompt – SOS

One of my resolutions this year (and last) was to blog more, and I have failed dismally thus far, and in part this is from a lack of good topics to write about – yes I will  be blogging about the my crafts, and weight loss, and (of course) fashion BUT I know y’all will get bored with that real quick so I sought out some topics and found some motivation not too far from home – the WordPress Daily Post Blog! They actually have two options; their 365 days of topics document and their blog which posts up topics everyday – giving two possible topics per day, giving you the option to choose which topic suits you the best.

So today I have chosen the topic from the Daily Blog (dated the 31st of Jan because it’s a US based site).

Daily Prompt: SOS
You’re at the beach, lounging on your towel, when a glistening object at the water’s edge catches your eye. It’s a bottle — and yes, it contains a message. What does it say?

3rd March 1964

My Dearest Estelle

As I lay here, in the home of my daughter, living out my last few days my thoughts drift to you more than ever before. I know this letter with probably never find you, but I wanted to put into words how much you meant to me and how sorry I am that we got separated by war, and time, and distance. 

You were my first love. That special person who keeps a portion of ones heart, no matter how many more people you go on to love. I thought about you often over the years, and made several attempts to locate you but to no avail. My daughter recently told me she’s been secretly trying to trace you ever since my beautiful Loretta left us. You would have liked her, she had a laugh like sunshine, and heart to rival Texas. she knew about you too. She understood that a little piece of me would always belong to you. I was blessed to have had you both in my life.

So as I lay here waiting for the pipes to call me home, I hope youfound happiness too and enjoyed a long and happy life and whether it’s tomorrow or ten years from now, I hope we can meet in the next place and share some memories together.

Yours always


So there it is. my short, but I hope rather sweet SOS blog post.

Monday Motivation – Dale Carnegie

A journey of self improvement, no matter what road you take, can often seem so daunting when you are at the start taking those first few tentative steps. Often the journey will take you through paths less travelled, some that you have deliberately let become overgrown and disused. The bracken can tear at you but if you keep hacking at it, it will yield, and as each thorny branch falls you are gaining strength and power, and moving closer and closer to your final goal.

Don’t give up, you are stronger than the things that attempt to stop you!


Dont Be Afraid

Words Of Wisdom

Found these words on the net yesterday and just felt like I needed to share them. I think April is going to be a month of ‘messages’ via images. Some will be philosophical, some will be humourous, and some will be my quirky and possibly too honest personality.

Whoever comes are the right people

A Peek Inside My Wardrobe

So this blog is late, very very late actually! It was my idea a couple of weeks ago that a few of us bloggers from Twitter should blog about our wardrobes, an easy enough task except that I forgot one of the bloggers has a shoe store and the other a clothing store – cue wardrobe shame from little old ‘big mouth’ over here lol.

Anyway, time to put my wardrobe where my mouth is! wardrobe declutter

First up a declutter. My bedroom has two wardrobes either side of a built in dresser. In the middle of last year I divided the clothes up into the the ones that fitted then and the ones I wanted to fit into. Having recently lost 11+ kgs I had plenty of clothes that no longer fit so time to get rid of them and move the clothes from wardrobe two that now fit into wardrobe one. wardrobe


So this is the new wardrobe one. the clothes are mostly lightest to darkest and then colours, with skirts, pants and jeans hanging at the end. Both wardrobes used to be about this full.

. second wardrobeThese are all that is left in wardrobe two now, not too many left to fit back into. pretty stoked! favourite jumper


This little green number used to (and kind of still is) one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. I’ve had it for over ten year (possibly closer to 15) and I don’t wear it in public any more because a) it’s too big, b) it’s pilled, and c) it’s lost it’s shape but I do still wear it around the house because I love how fluffy it is and it’s sequinned bling! goal dress


This is me, yesterday wearing my goal dress and new fascinator. Unfortunately due to my sprained foot I couldn’t wear my new shoes. There’s a blog about this outfit that I will post up in the next few days. It’s mostly written, I just have to edit out the pain.

So there it is in all it’s glory my wardrobe (well, wardrobes actually)!

Monday Motivation – Leonard Cohen

Monday Motivation is back for 2013 and I’m hoping to bring you some quotes and excerpts from different sources, along with an explanation about why they motivate or inspire me.

This week the inspiration is from the lyrics of Leonard Cohen’s song Anthem. I have a huge admiration for Mr Cohen, I think his songs are not only beautiful but hold such truth. His song Dance Me Til The End Of Time is one of my all time favourites, with Hallelujah a very close second.

My interpretation of these lyrics is that it is ok not to be ‘perfect’ all the time. To do the best you can with what you have, sometimes it might be broken but your true self will still shine through.

Anthem Lyrics, Leonard Cohen

I’d love to hear what they say to you, please leave me a comment below.



Hartleigh’s Advent Calendar


This is the handmade advent calendar I created for my son. Each of the envelopes contains a personalised card, listed below:

1 – Put up & decorate your tree
2 – Write a letter to Santa
3 – Choose a goodie to open
4 – Choose an activity to do
5 – $2 to go shopping
6 – Your choice for dinner
7 – Extra time on the computer
8 – Make Christmas Cards
9 – Make a present for Mrs VK
10 – $5 to go shopping
11 – Choose a goodie to open
12 – Choose an activity to do
13 – Picnic dinner at the beach
14 – Extra book at bedtime
15 – Watch a Christmas movie
16 – Play a board-game
17 – Go to Santa’s Choice
18 – Visit Santa
19 – Donate old toys
20 – Buy something at Hospice
21 – Visit Festival of Lights
22 – Wrap present for Nannie
23 – You choose what to do today
24 – Open ‘Night Before Christmas’ box

I’ll be blogging through December as he opens each envelope.

Hartleigh’s Christmas Bedroom

This year my son, Hartleigh, decided he wanted his Christmas tree in his bedroom – when he was one or two I got him his own tree so I could do a theme for him and his presents. I actually have three trees altogether, one for my son, one white one, and a big green one – so I decided I would do a surprise room make over for him in his new Christmas theme.

Here are the before photos – as you can see the room was ‘messy and cluttered’ so some of the toys and things are packed away for a couple of months to make room for all the new things (the cup of tea was mine and freshly made btw lol). When they get back out the teddy’s might need to find a better home, because they don’t all fit on the side table – the fish tank has also already been removed off the dresser.


The photos below are the ‘after’ pics. I added a few more touches and the room is now finished. His presents will be on the dresser (I’ll post pics), and he has a Lego advent calendar that will be a surprise gift on the 1st of December.

I wasn’t sure of the theme initially and then found a wreath hanger with a silver star on it and decided to use the star and silver as the theme, then I saw the pack of baubles with the pretty blue and the whole thing was set. It also helps that I think my son is a little star (might be biased).

So down the nitty gritty, how much did it all cost?? As I mentioned above I’ve had the tree for at least 5 years and from memory it was $100 which averages out to $20 a year so far (a great investment). The bauble pack which included the tinsel around the tree was $12 from The Warehouse and that’s not the whole pack! (Definitely a great buy). The star light was $20, and the stars below (which are blue tacked onto the wall) were $5, the star tree topper was $2, and the tinsel on the headboard was $8. Everything else was either already in the room or is from my existing Christmas stuff.

Hartleigh loves his room, he was so excited to see it all finished.

Day Eight | Modified Magpie

Right so I’m not strictly sure how this works so I have modified to how I think it’s meant to be. A stack of books has been chosen and then a page number (thanks @shazndolly) and now I am going to choose a word from each page and see what turns up. I’ll try not to make it too ‘forced’ and let the words come to me.

So here goes!






Pinot Gris

Well, well, well, check out that. Given that two of the books were about wine that theme can be seen.

I think next time I would just use one book and choose a sentence and see what comes up given that the page that had Method on it actually was from the spells book and I learnt that traditionally in England newly weds consumed mead (honey) for a month after their wedding to make them sexually potent hence the word ‘honeymoon’ – go figure!