Spring Update

We are incredibly a quarter of the way through November, the last month of Spring and so much has been happening I thought I should write a bit of a catch up blog!

Firstly, I was given notice to move out of Camelot, and that put me into a bit of a spin, I didn’t find a new home in time so I’m staying with a friend but will be moving into my new place at the end of the month. Timing was so bad, I had two major events at work and no enough time to look and although we’re now running into the Summer Carnival season at work I’m feeling relaxed about the move because I have plenty of time to get set up. My new home is very close to work, the park, a playground, and ‘town’. Can’t wait to be back in such a central location. Will have to think of a new name for my Foursquare check-ins lol.

Work has been good, Ladies Day was a huge success and I am so happy. It was a real test for me personally and I guess in some way professionally too. I definitely feel more confident about the events I have planned for the Summer Carnival and although there is literally too much work to fit into a day I love it so much it doesn’t matter. My Sunday is going to be spent putting together  sponsorship packages for our next Ladies events in February, but before then it’s the launch of the Summer Carnival, two Christmas At The Races, Family Fun Day with a new format and a junior Fashions On The Field, a charity race day, and another twilight race day! Oh yeah it’s full on, but I love it!

Personally I’ve been in flux, very unsettled, especially moving house, and it’s been reflected in my weight. Although I’ve tried to stay true to clean, the old ‘comfort’ habits come back when I’m stressed like this. Cannot wait to get into my new place and get back into my routine. In the meantime I just have to manage as best I can and try and try to keep control without slipping too far back into the old ways. I did go to see Jason Shon Bennett and have done a little bit of fasting which I hope to really explore and develop during the Summer and into the New Year.

Christmas will be celebrated in our new home, and I am very happy about that, as there was the possibility that we wouldn’t be in until the end of January and I think that would have been a really bad start to the year for me. The new house is big so allthree trees will be put up, but no new theme this year, well…. maybe a few new decorations! (Can’t help myself!).

Looking towards the New Year I haven’t thought too much about resolutions yet although I want to do some personal development courses both personally and professionally. I think it’s important to keep being educated and I always come away from courses like that with a whole new enthusiasm. As for the rest of them I need to moved in and settled before I can make any other firm decisions.

In the short term I’m looking forward to another fabulous Summer filled with all the things I love – friends, family, beach, and beer (lol), long term I’m excited that Hartleigh can walk home from school, he’ll have plenty of space to play and is close to lots of his buddies, that we’ll be settled into a house that we know we won’t have to move from for a long long time.

elephant harts

What is skinny love anyway??

This question was posted on Twitter earlier today when I stated that I have created a Twitter account (@skinnyloveNZ) for this blog.

So from this question

to this answer

to this response

This, is #skinnylove

I guess the idea started somewhat from Gala Darling and her Radical Self Love blogs, and then I fell in love, not only with another person, but also myself.

Skinny Love is not about loving being skinny, despite what the name might suggest! It’s far bigger than that. It’s about accepting that even the thinnest amount of love for yourself should be embraced. It’s about believing that that ‘thin end of the wedge’ actually leads to a much bigger wedge, and so it’s worth the effort to hang in there through the ‘thin’ because the ‘thick’ is coming. Now this thick is different for every person. It might be getting through a health scare, it might be paying off one more debt, it might be achieving a life goal, it might be having control of a section of your life that in the past you’ve felt was wildly out of control. It might even be accepting the fact that you have no control of things and that is actually OK.

The first line of the song goes

Come on skinny love just last the year

I think this line means the most to be because I feel like if I can hold this love for a year, I can hold it forever.

To me #skinnylove means controlling the things I can, and not stressing about the things I can’t (sounds like that AA thing but it’s a good philosophy).

Skinny Love is about believing that things will always get better, even if some times they have to get worse first.

Skinny love is about understanding that sometime shit ain’t gonna go your way – in fact it’s not going to go your way in the worst way possible! Someone I went to school with is about to lose her battle with breast cancer, yesterday a promising young man from a well respected family in our community lost his life, and there is a little girl in Starship Hospital who isn’t going to have Christmas this year.

This shit is real, this shit makes you hug your children, this shit makes you care less about bills, this shit makes you focus on what is important to YOU! These priorities are not going to be priorities of those around you and that’s ok. Don’t judge your priorities by others, their shit is different to yours!

So NO #skinnylove is not about loving being skinny. it’s about being positive. For me right now – losing weight is my #skinnylove BUT by Summer my #skinnylove is going to be about making a stronger body that will maintain it’s health. #skinnylove is about being here for my son, it’s about being fit and healthy, living a great lifestyle that I can pass  on to him. I want to be here for his important days, as well as his mediocre. When you have a child at 35, as I did, you are on the back foot when it comes to time, health, and experiences. It’s my parental obligation to be here as long as I can for him. He’s in the skinny of his life, and I want to be here for the thick!

Yes, my tweets and blogs about #skinnylove are about diet, clean eating, lifestyle changes, and eating healthily, but that’s because to me, those things are vital to ensuring our longevity. With 1 in 4 New Zealanders ‘obese’ we have a major problem in this country, so if I can help one person to choose a healthier lifestyle then that’s such a great thing. Yes, most of the #skinnylove posts are about weight loss, diet, fitness, clean eating, healthy living, etc but there’s nothing wrong with that. I know from experience that being overweight is not a happy place to be. Yes, excess weight can be a manifestation of deeper issues, but sometimes the release of some weight can make you feel good enough to seek treatment, to delve into why the weight is there in the first place, and it can empower you to keep losing, keeping finding something about yourself to love, and to keep yourself healthy.

So, wow, that is Skinny Love! I hope you understand now that’s it’s not about loving being skinny, it’s about loving the skinny because when you love in the thing, you are rewarded in the thick!

A Taste of Summer

Wow the weather in New Plymouth was gorgeous yesterday. There was a high of 18 degrees but it felt even hotter. I think I even got a little bit of colour!

Sitting outside in the sun, having a couple of beers, and listening to some music it totally felt like Summer! Was wonderful, really restorative and good for the soul.

There are a couple of lemon trees out the back of the house and they are heavy with fruit so I have been making lemon juice ice cubes, I’ve frozen some lemon quarters and will be doing slices this week too. Ever since I made Jamie’s Ricotta Fritters I had a new respect for lemons, they are so versatile and delicious! I think I’m going to do some research about making a lemon juice cocktail for the summer, probably with a gin or vodka base.

In the meantime, I’m holding onto that summer feeling today as it’s definitely not sunny, although fortunately not wet either.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Lemon cocktail

Last Sunday in April

As many of you probably know (if you follow me on Twitter) I am currently house sitting for my friend who is in America for the school holidays. She lives in the ‘dress circle’ of town, and I have been enjoying being ‘lady of the manor’.

One of the upsides of staying here is the location, the dairy is a mere 2 minute walk, town is an easy 1.5km stroll, Hartleigh’s school is less than ten minutes walk away, as is the park. On the downside, the neighbours are close! Close enough that you do feel like they can hear your conversations when you’re camped out on the deck, soaking up the incredible sun, and enjoying a beverage or three from the local beer producer! Seriously if you have not tried Mike’s Strawberry Blonde you are missing out. It’s so delicious, and perfect for the weather!

The weather has created this whole blog to be honest. This morning it was a nice day, not rainy, not overcast, just nice – so I thought I would use the last of my Green Meadows Beef mince to make some meatballs. Subsequently the weather has gotten better and better, to the point where it’s ‘almost’ too hot to sit on the deck (actually it is too hot right now but bloody hell I’m not giving up one minute of this sun because I know winter is going to be biting way too soon) so there in lies the dilemma, meatballs for dinner OR be totally Kiwi and have a BBQ!

I actually don’t have a BBQ at my house, the one I did used to own was disposed of when the house was sold. I do covet the Webers, and when I have the $$ I will buy one, so the opportunity to use the BBQ here raised it’s head and I thought I should check it out to make sure I can get it going etc before making a full commitment to a BBQ that might not happen. As it turns out it’s a breeze to get started and I’m sure that even ‘I’ can produce something remotely edible from this ‘gadget’. Which leads me to my Tweet:

The mere whiff of food cooking on the BBQ just conjures up memories of all those things I hold dear. Summer sun, sandy feet, holiday’s at the beach, celebrations, and so many good times spent with friends and family.

I can’t wait to fire up the BBQ again, and cook my dinner – steak marinated in smoked paprika (of course)! Long may this beautiful weather last.

I hope you have all enjoyed your last Sunday in April!


Weigh In Wednesday – ‘The Half’

Everything you need2013 has been a watershed year for me so far. I’ve made some quite drastic changes to my life in particular in the areas of health and fitness and work-life balance. I’ve said no to things I would like to be involved with because I needed to stop over committing myself. I’m doing less and giving those things more.

The first week of April saw a 2.5kg loss which is awesome and a big chunk towards my goal for the next six weeks. [Week two not so pretty but that’s another blog]. I’ve been running [well walk/jog/run], and doing the squat challenge. At present working up to being able to easily run 5kms but also doing some hill work.

I’ve achieved some great goals this year and feel like it’s time to step up my efforts. Whilst I have some new short term goals as outlined in this blog, I decided I needed something bigger to work towards, a ‘milestone’ event so I have decided to run the half marathon in October.

Whilst I know this is no small undertaking I do feel confident that I can achieve this goal especially with the support of my friends who have been so positive and encouraging. Can’t wait to make them and me proud!

So there it is, in black and white. I got this!

Weigh In Wednesday 3/4/13

The first of April saw me kick back into my VLCD, which this time is also accompanied by a Squat Challenge and getting back into running (which I actually started 29/3/13) because I felt so motivated to get out there and start moving.

So far I’ve run three times in the past six days (every other day) and started off at 6km’s per hour and am now at 7km’s per hour. Presently running just 1.75 – 2kms each time, not a big distance until I can build up my stamina. The plan is to get to a solid 5kms by the end of the month.

Unfortunately as I lost focus for a while after getting into my goal dress for the Hooker Pacific day I put on a little bit of weight 😦 but have now reset my goals and plan to work very hard over the next six weeks to achieve my next goal.

I’m also very grateful for all the support I am getting from my ‘real life’ friends who get what I am doing and also my online team especially the ladies from MLFC.

I feel even more motivated now than I did in December which given how much work I have to do is damn lucky.

Anyway. that’s enough from me – here’s my motto for the week!

Keep calm and become a skinny bitch

A Summer of Sun, Fun, oh and Love!

Summer usually means a series of events – my birthday, Christmas, a day at the races, and a concert and then pretty much back to work without really feeling like I’ve had a break or enjoyed the beautiful weather, but this summer was not my usual summer!.

December started as it usually does, with me kicking the Christmas decorating, crafting, and preparations into full swing and I snuck my birthday in fairly low key with a picnic dinner at the beach with my son and my mum. 43 is a fairly blah birthday moving me further away from 40 and closer to gulp 45! One resolution I made this birthday was to let shit go. No use stressing over crap you can’t control. Actually managing this pretty well so far although I know I’m always going to care too much what people think about me.

Christmas was a lovely day spoiling Mr 7, having a Christmas breakfast with lifelong friend Shelley and her son, then Christmas lunch with my niece and her now rather large family, and then on to the traditional dinner at aunty Pam’s. Was a great day.

Usually by the start of December I also have my marquee booked and filled for the races on the 27th but this year I hadn’t organised it, and as it turns out that was meant to be because about a week before Christmas I started a new role at Taranaki Thoroughbred Racing as the Events, Marketing & Sponsorship Co-Ordinator meaning that now I attend the races as my job! I would have been bummed if my friends were all there celebrating and I couldn’t.

The other thing I usually do over the Christmas break is go to a concert, often at Butlers Reef to see The Feelers or Jimmy Barnes, although sometimes at The Bowl if we have great band there like Fleetwood Mac. This year because some things have been a bit mixed up I wasn’t paying attention to who was playing out there and missed going to see Shihad. Really hoping to get to see a band out there at some stage, it’s always a great night out.

One of the biggest changes over the summer has been my hours, my new role is super flexible so I can work when I want, where I want, and this has allowed me plenty of time to enjoy the first of the items in my title – Sun. Taranaki, along with much of the country, has enjoyed some of the best weather we’ve had during a summer for literally years and it’s been fantastic to be able to hang out outside in the beautiful sunshine. I’ve even managed to get a tan! #loveit

Fun is the next thing on my summer summary. A combination of flexible hours, hot hot weather, and probably a bit too much beer has resulted in a summer of fun. I haven’t laughed so much in years, I’ve been on all sorts of adventures, and I’ve just totally done plenty of things that the ‘anal retentive’ Sonya wouldn’t have done. Caring less does open you up to new experiences!

Last but certainly not least is Love. I’ve loved spending hours out on the deck in the sun drinking a new love Export 33 beer, I’ve loved spending time with friends, I’ve loved hanging out with Mr 7 who at this age is just such a cool kid, I’ve fallen back in love with country music helped in part by Tate Stevens winning X Factor. I hope my neighbours love it as much as me as it’s often played loud during those drinks-on-the-deck sessions. I’ve loved having time to work when and how I want to. I’ve loved being back in control of my diet and losing weight. I’ve loved the new experiences this summer has presented. And I’ve fallen in love with this guy…

Well actually probably not so much him as this song, which is kind of my theme song for summer! I hope you have had an amazing summer doing all the things that make you happy like I have!