Fashionista Friday – Emmys

I struggled a bit with finding an outfit that I really loved this year – there were a few that I liked, and some I really disliked.

I really liked this one worn by Heidi. It’s a stunning colour and suits her perfectly – and she got the ‘leg’ display angle perfect (unlike the recent faux pax by Angelina) however, that is actually thing I don’t like about this pic – the thigh high slit seems unnecessary.


I also love this dress Sofia Vergara is wearing – the woman could wear a sack and look hawt!


However, it’s this dress worn by Kelly that is probably my favourite. I usually dislike the colour of her hair, but teamed with this complementary coloured dress, she looks stunning. I do however think she is thin enough now, and hope that she doesn’t lose any more weight.


What do you think? Do you have favourite?

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