Advent 2015 – Day Nine

Day 9 Day 9 sees Elfie having out in the the table setting, with my newly sprayed baubles #onceweresilver, the Activity Advent is a present for his teacher. We gave him a Christmas mug. H helped with the wrapping, chose and tied the ribbon, and the gift card.

Advent 2015 – Day Six

Day Six
Day Six -Hart was at his dad’s so after he got home the only activity option was to play basketball with his cousin while we were there for dinner, he seemed pretty happy with that. Elfie is hanging out with Baby Hartleigh, and the bottom pic is the newly ‘coppered’ Be Merry. I’m loving my new spray booth, and this colour!

Advent Calendar 2012 | Day 2

So Day One was a breeze, mostly because we had already completed it before he even opened the envelope! Day Two Hartleigh’s quest was to write a letter to Santa. To be honest I was expecting a five page list, however this is actually short and sweet.

day two final


We’ll post this off and see what Santa can do about delivering on these requests!

Advent Calendar 2012 | Day 1

For those of you who follow this blog you will already know that I decided to create a homemade personalised advent calendar for my 7 year old son this year. My intention is to blog each day with what the calendar said and what we did. Here is Day One.

day one final


Yes, I cheated, we already did this! Originally I had planned for Mr 7 to do his own tree but then my OCD took over and I wanted to surprise him with a cool Christmas room. However, he did a lovely surprise from his dad, a Lego Advent calendar!