Words Of Wisdom

Found these words on the net yesterday and just felt like I needed to share them. I think April is going to be a month of ‘messages’ via images. Some will be philosophical, some will be humourous, and some will be my quirky and possibly too honest personality.

Whoever comes are the right people

Monday Motivation – Leonard Cohen

Monday Motivation is back for 2013 and I’m hoping to bring you some quotes and excerpts from different sources, along with an explanation about why they motivate or inspire me.

This week the inspiration is from the lyrics of Leonard Cohen’s song Anthem. I have a huge admiration for Mr Cohen, I think his songs are not only beautiful but hold such truth. His song Dance Me Til The End Of Time is one of my all time favourites, with Hallelujah a very close second.

My interpretation of these lyrics is that it is ok not to be ‘perfect’ all the time. To do the best you can with what you have, sometimes it might be broken but your true self will still shine through.

Anthem Lyrics, Leonard Cohen

I’d love to hear what they say to you, please leave me a comment below.



Sunday Catch Up & Reset

As you will have noticed, there was no Wednesday Weigh In or Fashionista Friday this week, I was simply too busy with my son’s 7th birthday party, clients, and other work related things. I’ve also had a terrible eating weekend and back to some old habits, however have had a very stern word with myself and have set a goal of limiting intake to approximately 600 calories a day for the next two and half weeks before the trip to Auckland. Will probably do some meal replacements using the Horleys Sculpt I have and just have either salad or vegetable soup. Shouldn’t be too hard as I have a set target and goal and it’s a short time frame.

Goal is to lose 5kgs from weigh in amount tomorrow and reach a couple of my other goals. I’m also resetting the ‘organisation’ button for the last two weeks of the school term and getting into a better routine for work. I know it takes a bit of time getting things organised in advance, but it’s easier when I spend the time and makes life smoother and calmer.

Tomorrow is Motivation Monday but in the meantime I wanted to just post something ‘pretty’ for Sunday.