Monday Motivation – Quirky Humour

My friend, Procrastination, came over. I told her to piss off because all she does is sit there for an hour and does nothing! bhaha

I have a huge amount of stress in my life at the moment to do with my business, and usually I would just cry, but today I’m not. Today is ‘productive’ day not ‘procrastination’ day.

When life is a bit shit, you just need to get through it the best way you can!

Have a fabulous Monday, feel free to post something quirky in the comments!


Motivation Monday – I Like To Move It, Move It

Over the weekend I had a couple of things on that got in the way of doing any housework, this is nothing new, most weekends no housework (eg cleaning) gets done, I don’t count the washing and ironing as housework as this is stuff I like doing – the housework I don’t like is the cleaning even though I love a clean house. However, yesterday I decided the floors were looking really dusty and dull (they are all wood except the two bedrooms, so I dug out the vacuum and cranked up the music. A client dropped some paperwork off and told me she could hear the vacuum cleaner from her car – which is at the bottom of the hill as the house is elevated, she said thought it was a water blaster. Now I have wondered for sometime whether it was just me or whether it actually is loud, particularly due to my noise sensitivity. I actually feel better about it now that I know it’s not just me and hoping it won’t drive me so crazy next time it comes out.

So anyway, back to the point of this post – housework and music! Having psyched myself into the housework, I cranked up a bit of Nickelback and escaped into another place. Not only did the floors get done (took an hour and a half to vacuum and then wash them but it’s worth it), but I also broke out some dance moves and my very best karaoke (btw I cannot sing to save myself but who cares when no can hear you anyway!).

It felt really good to ‘move it move it’ and I felt really motivated afterwards. It’s a tiny little step towards exercise, but it’s a step. Now I just need to keep that motivation up and perhaps – wait for it – walk around the block! Oh yes, you read it here first lol. We’ll see, maybe when the nights are a bit lighter (Spring is just 11 days away – yuss!).

Sunday Catch Up & Reset

As you will have noticed, there was no Wednesday Weigh In or Fashionista Friday this week, I was simply too busy with my son’s 7th birthday party, clients, and other work related things. I’ve also had a terrible eating weekend and back to some old habits, however have had a very stern word with myself and have set a goal of limiting intake to approximately 600 calories a day for the next two and half weeks before the trip to Auckland. Will probably do some meal replacements using the Horleys Sculpt I have and just have either salad or vegetable soup. Shouldn’t be too hard as I have a set target and goal and it’s a short time frame.

Goal is to lose 5kgs from weigh in amount tomorrow and reach a couple of my other goals. I’m also resetting the ‘organisation’ button for the last two weeks of the school term and getting into a better routine for work. I know it takes a bit of time getting things organised in advance, but it’s easier when I spend the time and makes life smoother and calmer.

Tomorrow is Motivation Monday but in the meantime I wanted to just post something ‘pretty’ for Sunday.


Sunday, good things, bad things, happy day

It’s been a fairly relaxing Sunday full of good things and bad things, on a relative scale.

Good thing:

I did a marathon ironing session, more than 3 hours worth but the end results are so rewarding, I love the sight of my sons clothes all hanging up in his wardrobe – mine not so much because it’s all my ‘fat’ clothes, but hey I’m working on that.

Bad thing:

Disaster during the ironing session though – my iron gave up the ghost! Thinking back it must be at least 7 years old as I have had it at least since I move back to New Plymouth, and it get used A LOT! Luckily I know my neighbour, who is an old school friend, and borrowed hers so I could finish. Phew!

Good thing:

Mr 6 has had a really good eating day, snacking on lots of healthy food and eating a chicken sausage and steak for dinner. He’s even had two pottles of yoghurt. Maybe we have turned a corner with is food phobias.

Good thing:

My intake has also been really good and I am 400 calories under my daily limit, although this is not ideal as I don’t want to go into starvation mode, I’m not at all hungry but I know if I feel peckish later I can still have something without guilt.

Bad thing:

Lesson learnt with the cooking oil I used for my mushrooms – 123 calories for 15mls forget it! Aaarrrgghhhh 😦

Bad thing:

I chose not to join friends at the beach who were going to get a pizza for dinner 😦 Next time!

Good thing:

Ironing done, lunches for the week done, some client work done, some exercise done, some housework done, dishes done. Rewarding day.

Happy Sunday!

A Little Bit Of Fantasy

I had a missed called from the Dominion Post on my phone last night, no message was left. So today I have been thinking about reasons that they may have called me and this is what I have come up with:

They wanted my opinion about whether Sam Morgan should be Prime Minister, my answer would be a resounding Yes! Not only is he a great entrepreneur, socially savvy and let’s face it just a little bit rich, he’s actually a very smart, switched on guy and I think a fantastic candidate to lead this country into the next phase of growth, which I personally believe has to be digital all the way!

Or maybe they were seeking my opinion on my regular tweets about “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” which I watch like a car crash – I know I shouldn’t but I can’t tear myself away – and I moan about each week. It just goes to show you can do some seriously dumb shit and still survive! I’m not sure if this means the survivors are meant to go on to do amazing things with their lives or their survival is just plain luck. Which ever it is, you can bet I’ll be watching again next week.

Maybe they were seeking comment on the life and times of a a social media addict with one or two too many Twitter accounts, two small businesses [one of course is a social media consultancy], one small boy, verbal diarrhea, an unhealthy attachment to her iPhone & wine and lives in a home nicknamed The Tweet House.

On reflection, they more than likely just called the wrong number and when they got to my message thought uh oh, we ain’t doing that!

Regardless sometimes it’s fun to just let your mind wander into the ‘a bit of fantasy’ for a while!

Hartleigh Creativity

The second Blank Canvas blog is dedicated to the love of my life, my darling son, Hartleigh.

Armed with the liquid chalk he created this little masterpiece on his bedroom window.

I think my favourite images are the hugs and kisses and the exclamation marks with hearts.

Skulls feature a lot in his drawings at the moment so no surprises to see them there.

The pane of the left has a brain at the bottom and I’m assuming the text is what the brain is thinking.

The No crossed out is merely a mistake that was left rather than removed and adds to the mix.

I’m sure there will be lots more graphic treasures to come yet but I love this one.