Friday Reflection

My wee boy was admitted to hospital this week with a skin infection. Fortunately he recovered quickly and actually enjoyed his time in the ward, but that’s not the reason I’m writing this post, it’s because of the memories and feelings that being there brought up.

Amazingly my son was in the same bed in the same room as I was in some 35+ years ago when I went to have some warts (eeww) removed.

In the 70’s parents weren’t allowed to stay the night with their children, like they are now, and I was taken to the hospital by my ‘gran’ – who at the time was actually just my grandad’s girlfriend because my mum was working. Mum came up to see me after work, but I don’t really remember that, what I do remember is once visiting hours were over and the lights went out an overwhelming feeling of homesickness and wanting my mum came over me, so much so that I actually snuck out of my bed, down a set of stairs and intended to walk home because I didn’t want to be there. Fortunately the external door had a security guard and I knew I wouldn’t be able to sneak past him. We lived less than 2km’s from the hospital at the time so physically I could have made the trip but a 7ish year old, in pyjamas, walking along a main road would probably have raise some suspicion had I got past the guard.

This stay in hospital was my first real feeling of being lonely and alone, a rather awful feeling especially at such a young age and something that has travelled with me my whole life, popping it’s oppressive head into my life from time to time to remind me not I’m not so special. Another lifelong distraction has been my noise sensitivities, another reason I didn’t want to stay. Back then I needed complete quiet to go to sleep and a ward full of sick children is not often quiet, these days I need noise from something like a TV to block out the noise in my head.

I’m glad my son enjoyed his time in hospital, I’m even more glad I got to stay with him and make sure he was ok and happy. I’m also pleased that I have been able to recognise and exorcise some of the feelings and memories from my time there.

Day 30 – Thoughts

Share Your Thoughts On Your 30 Day Challenge

This is probably a bit of a silly blog for me since I was one of the two people who created the challenge! However, I have to say that despite the fact that I knew all of the topics before hand, I did find some a big challenging and almost confronting. For me a challenge is meant to push you a little out of your comfort zone, poke and prod you a bit and make you delve a little bit into yourself so in that respect this 30 day blog challenge has done that.

I have much respect for all of the participants, especially those who have generously shared their blogs on the Cue Social Media Facebook page. Special mention must go to Rachel Franke Church for keeping her topics true to her establishment (Hosking House), which at times must have proven a little more difficult than writing as an individual.

I’ve enjoyed the journey and despite having to do a bit of a catch up at the end would be keen to do another.

That being said I am looking forward to getting back to some of the usual topics and a few new ones as well. Additionally I’m super excited to be kicking off the clean eating section of my blog called Skinny Love on the 1st of June.

Thank you everyone who has participating, commented, or liked along the way, especially when some of the topics were late!

Sonya ❤



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Day 29 – Trading Places

Who would you trade places with for just one day?

Boy this is a goodie! Sooooo many people I would trade places with for so many reasons! A celebrity to experience the adulation, and then the relief to be able to go back to my normal life, a child so I could have a day where I wasn’t burdened with the adult responsibilities, a politician so I could right some wrongs, but ultimately I think I’d trade places with my younger self with the hindsight of my 43 year old self so I could tell myself not to take everything so seriously, say yes to new experiences, not to eat so much crap!, to be more sensible with money, and to not fall in love so easily!

Day 23 – Describe Your Perfect Day

Describe Your Perfect Day

We didn’t set any criteria around this so I’m hoping that not everyone chooses to describe their ‘real world’ perfect day, would be great to read some ‘imaginary’ perfect days too – I guess in a way my perfect day is a little imaginary thrown in with most real world.

The perfect day for me would start with a full night’s sleep, I’d wake and feel refreshed. The perfect cup of coffee would be delivered to me in bed and I’d spend some time online catching up with the latest on my social networks. Then Hartleigh would jump into bed for a the smoochy woochies (kisses and cuddles to the unofficiated). I’d then have a long, hot, power shower. The make up artist and hairdresser would then make me up and stylist would have a wardrobe of great outfits for me to wear for the day.

Breakfast would featuring Eggs Benedict with a side of creamy mushrooms would be eaten overlooking the ocean with my entire family in attendance, even the overseas cousins. There would be lots of fun, laughter and story telling! And we’d take one of our famous ‘girls’ pics.

After breakfast is time to hit the shops and boost the local economy, as well as my wardrobe! Gifts for everyone which I would painstakingly wrap and deliver because I love the giving! This would build up a big hunger and lunch would be extremely indulgent with plenty of champagne and all my best girlfriends! An afternoon of fun and frivolity, gossiping and righting the worlds wrongs would follow.

Next I’d be whisked off to the local day spa for a massage, some pampering, hair and make up and, of course, a fabulous outfit to wear out to dinner. (Spot the theme!)

Dinner would be in a romantic restaurant with fabulous service and food and my date would be my very hot and hunky boyfriend who treats me like a princess! Then home for a nightcap on the sun soaked deck overlooking the beach.

Ah bliss!

My perfect day comes with a disclaimer – none of the food I ate had any calories, despite copious glasses of alcoholic beverages I would not get drunk (just awesome), money would be no object, and I would actually have a boyfriend lol


Day 22 – Share A Picture

Share A Picture Of Last Thing You Bought

I‘m sure when we chose this title the plan was to have purchased something interesting that had a wonderful story to go along with it, like discovering a must have vintage item in a store in Eltham, but alas, the real world means in fact the last thing I bought was a hair colour!


Wow that looks like I took this photo in the 70’s lol