Fashionista Friday – Hats

Go me, two blogs this week! Lol

We had a business networking event last night and my gorgeous friend Charlotte turned up looking very metropolitan in a hat. I love hats although I don’t wear them very often. I emailed her this morning to reiterate the fact that I thought she looked fabulous and her reply was “you never have a bad hat day with a hat” and ¬†how true is that!

So here are some hats from the Fall/Winter 2014/2015 collection (Northern Hemisphere).



I bet you can’t guess which one is my fav! ūüėČ


These are cute too!



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Fashionista Friday – Nude Heels

Haven’t done a Fashionista Friday post for such a long time, but when I saw these heels I just had to have them! (in this blog post at least lol).

nude suede heels


I just love these, I think nude is such a safe colour to choose, it elongates your legs, goes with any colour, and I love the height of these. These are not only tricolour but also have three different types of material adding to their attraction.

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Start Saturday | Flaxseed (Ground)

Wow, don’t know about you, but this week has flown by. I can’t believe it’s time for another Start Saturday already.

This week I am starting to use Ground Flaxseed from the Ceres Organics range.

The label calls this ingredient a nutrition superstar, and I can see why. It has dietary fibre, protein, and Omega-3 and is a great ‘digestive aid’.

It has a fairly mild taste, almost a little almondy, but perhaps that’s just the almond milk tainting it? not really sure how to describe it but you could easily add it all sort of your dishes without it fundamentally changing the taste. If you put it in your baking I doubt you would even know it was there. the packet suggest to sprinkle it over your cereal (which I don’t eat) and salads, which I might try. Of course, it’s great in shakes and smoothies too and this is how I will mostly be consuming mine.

The reason I am starting to use this ground flaxseed is that I need, not only the fibre and protein benefits, but also the Omega-3. Omega-3 is fantastic for hair, nails, and skin and I know that my diet doesn’t necessarily provide the best nutrients to keep these things in great condition (until now, of course).

I added 15gms but I think 10gms is sufficient in a standard protein shake – the nutritional details below are for 100 grams so you can divide it by 10 for the 10 gms details.

Per 100g
Energy/Calories 534
Protein 18.3g
Fat (total) 42.2g
Fat (sat) 3.7g
Carbs 28.9g
Sugars 1.6g
Dietary Fibre 27.3g
Sodium 30mg

Nutritional benefits include Omega-3, manganese, vitamin B, fibre, magnesium, and tryptophan.

As it’s a bit top heavy in terms of fat I won’t be having it in my protein shakes everyday, probably every other day. Looking forward to the benefits!

Start Saturday | Almond Milk

This transition to clean eating is about replacing things I usually eat with cleaner healthier options. Each week I plan to replace one of my not-so-clean foods with something cleaner.

This week I am replacing cows milk with almond milk. The bonus for me is that not only is it clean it’s also calorie friendly. Yes, it does have less protein and calcium than cows milk but I have a very high protein diet anyway so I’m not going to miss out on that.

So this morning I made my coffee using almond milk – I wasn’t really prepared for how the milk would look which is a little oily as well as having tiny blobs of milk floating (almost like milk that is off) – apparently this is usual. I have to say I didn’t really like the taste in my coffee and only drank about a third of the cup.

Next try was a protein shake. I made a half serving and it actually tasted delicious.

So I think the plan from here is to definitely use it for everything that I would normally use milk for, however, for now, I will continue to use cows milk in my coffee until I feel like my palate has changed enough to either use the almond milk or have black coffee.


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Fashionista Friday – Chevron

Two trends I am really noticing coming through for Summer are the pattern known as Chevron, and also the strapless maxi, ala 1970’s – both of which I think are fabulous and combined even better!

I wouldn’t feel confident wearing a strapless on a race day, mostly because it’s probably a bit casual for me at work, but would definitely wear out and about over the Spring and Summer. I hope the stores in town bring in this style.

What do you think? Do you like the Chevron pattern? Are you a fan of the strapless maxi?

chevron maxi dress, summer fashion 2013


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Fashionista Friday – Boots

Winter officially started this week and yet it’s still warm enough to sit outside, with a book and beer and enjoy the warmth (some days anyway).

Winter to me always means ‘boots’ – I usually have three or four pairs (not many compared to most) but this year at the moment I have one and they are at least two years old! I just haven’t been able to find the right pair for me – not last winter, not this one so far! Hope I find some soon because it’s starting to get a little ridic!

Anyway, if opportunity and finances were no object here are some boots I would love to have in my wardrobe.

black boots


These are the type of boots I am looking for!

pink cowgirl boots


I definitely want a pair of pink cowgirl boots someday!

red boots


If you’re going to wear gumboots they might as well make a statement!

black uggs


Oh yeah some uggs for those eskiho days!



I would never wear this outside the house but every girl should have a pair of CFM boots!

Fashionista Friday – Fitness

Oh yes I’m on a total fitness/weightloss roll at the moment just in case you hadn’t already noticed) so I thought I should dedicate this week’s Fashionista Friday to fitness fashion. I definitely think that having cute workout clothes motivates you to work out and makes you feel better when you are. I’m in need of a decent sports bra so that is going to be a reward to myself this week. I also really need a new pair of track pants because the ones I am currently wearing are too big, however I have a pair that are new that are too small so they are goal pants for this month. I’m hoping to ditch the big ones and be wearing the smaller ones by the 30th. The next goal will then be for them to end up being too big and move into an even smaller pair.

Workout clothes


There’s An App For That!

Plant Nanny Screenshot

I’m borrowing the title from my business blog for this one! This is such a great little app I just have to share it with you.

One of the biggest hurdles with trying to lose weight (for me anyway) is keeping up my water intake.

No matter how thirsty I am I struggle to actually consume the recommended amount of water to keep my body in a hydrated state (especially as beer is tastier), however one of the lady’s from MLFC mentioned this app for me to use and even though I’ve only been using it for a day I just love it!

What is it called? Plant Nanny

What does it do? It reminds you to drink the required amount of water per day in regular intervals

How easy is it to use? Basic. Upon downloading the app you enter your weight (both metric and imperials options – yay), as well as your¬†body¬†activity;¬†sedentary¬† regular, active then it calculates how much water per day you should consume. You can then also schedule how often you want to be reminded; 2, 4, or 6 hours, or you can customise it – however you only get the reminders between 8am and 10pm so the nanny isn’t sending¬†notifications¬†during your precious sleeping hours.Plant Nanny Level Up

Once that is set up you choose the size of the drinking vessel you are using and nanny divides your daily requirements into the appropriate number. Could it be any easier?

Where do the Plants fit in? That’s the cuteness value, and to also keep it from being too boring. As you drink your water you are¬†virtually¬†watering the plants in the app and as you move through the days you move on to other plants. Gamification at it’s best.

I’m probably going to update this blog once I’ve been using the app for a week as I discover new things it does but for now I just had to share!

Happy Watering!